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Entrepreneur Profile – Renee Griffin, Angel Care Solutions

Winning Business Online for an Offline Service

Who: Renee Griffin

What: Angel Care Solutions

1. What drove you to start your own business? How did you choose which product or service to offer?

 After providing care in child care centres I noticed that there were a lot of families unable to get the specific time frame they required for their children due to the high volume of children being put in care. I thought to myself, there has to be a way to compensate for these people because at the end of the day, people need to earn a living and not everyone can afford to stay at home and care for their children. This led me to the idea of mobile child minding.

 I chose the service simply based on my experiences, personal love for children and their well being. I felt that this was a way for me to give back to the community and also do something I truly love.

 2. What sets you apart from other mobile child minding services?

I believe that through my experiences working for other companies, such as child care centres and emergency child care, I was given a few tools that I was able to bring into my own business. The biggest difference I would say is that I am a sole proprietor whereas babysitting agencies are large businesses so I feel that Angel Care Solutions provides a more personal, family orientated approach to its care.

We also do our best to provide families with one specific carer so that the children can gain secure attachments. A log book is filled out during every care service provided also with important moments logged in which helps families feel like they are still very much a part of their children’s day.  This log book is also used as a communication book so parents/caregivers can list anything of importance as well.

3. What have been your key successes to date?

My key successes would be taking on three amazing subcontractors due to the heavy work load and the amazing responses and feedback from families.

4. How have you overcome challenges you’ve faced?

As this is my very first business, I’ve had to overcome a variety of challenges which has been challenging and rewarding. My biggest fear was that if one of my staff members fell sick that I wouldn’t have enough back up to cover shifts as I myself work full time with a family. So to rectify the situation I had to employ my third carer who helped balance everything.

I have also learnt to delegate tasks as prior to this I was taking on too much myself and feeling so much pressure from all the daily tasks; accounting, telemarketing, organising staff, making sure my clients are happy with the services provided, meet and greets as well as working myself so delegating has become an amazing tool.

5. What marketing strategies have you employed in your business?

The main marketing strategy that I find has worked best is word of mouth. When people are happy with a service they cannot live without they will tell everyone. Thankfully this has been the case with Angel Care Solutions. I have used other marketing strategies such as setting up a stall in local markets however, I didn’t find this one as successful as I would have liked.

I’ve used internet based advertisement such as; gumtree, true local, website and other search based engines. I also put a small advert in the yellow pages and in the Kids Magazine. Most of my enquiries have said they found Angel Care Solutions via the internet, yellow pages and through word of mouth.

6. You have been busy building your online presence. How does this help your business and what outcomes are you getting?

I’ve found that the Angel Care Solutions website has provided a very professional appearance to those looking for care. It gives families the opportunity to refer to our services, experience and prices all at the click of a button. In today’s society I think without a website and an email address we would be left behind. From my telemarketing records it shows that most of the people have found Angel Care Solutions by using the internet.

7. Have you found on or offline marketing more efficient?

I’ve found mainly online to be most effective as people love to be able to find information quickly and at the click of a button so I think the age of the internet at this stage is worth relying on.

8. What are your future goals for Angel Care Solutions?

I’m currently aiming to start a Family Day Care centre run under Angel Care Solutions in the very near future so that we can provide a variety of options to families requiring care. Angel Care Solutions is also in the early stages of starting up a Party Planning service and Baby proofing service. We regularly use Learning with Magnatts educational products with the children so party planning will be an extension of this.

I’m really excited to sink my teeth into these areas but for now the focus is maintaining healthy relationships with current clients and building on that client base. I’m very happy with the progress and I’m ready for whatever the future has install for Angel Care Solutions and its carers.

For readers seeking further information Renee can be contacted….

1300 747 653 or

Please feel free to visit the website and give feedback. Renee is always looking more ideas to improve.

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