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Escape From Chaos with Angela Esnouf

If you’ve ever struggled to keep everything under control and organised this is one lady you need to know!

Who: Angela Esnouf

What: Creating Order From Chaos

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What led you to become a professional organiser?

I have had various roles and a couple of twists in my career path, mainly in admin and childrens’ services.  What I love about being a Professional Organiser is that it combines my desire to help people with my natural skills of problem solving and organisation.

2. Why did you start your business, Creating Order From Chaos?

I came to a crossroads and decided to leap into my dream job.  I always knew I’d enjoy helping people get organised but I didn’t know how much I’d enjoy running a business as well.

3. How does having your business improve your life?

I love the flexibility I have, it’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel where you are the author as well as the reader.

4. How does a person become a professional organiser?

People come to this field via many different routes and bringing many different life skills. While there is no required training, it certainly helps to have a broad background.  I would say the most important thing is good communication.  Every consultation starts with listening to the client, really listening.

5. What services do you offer?

The most popular service is one-on-one organising consultations, which mostly start with a Needs Assessment. That’s when we pinpoint the client’s goals and assess how we can achieve those. The report generated is quite detailed, including where to start, how long it might take and how much it will cost.  For those in remote locations, there’s the phone consultation. It’s amazing how much we can achieve with some discussion and direction over the phone. Some people prefer to attend workshops to get some DIY tips. I am doing more and more public speaking on the subject.  And then of course I train and mentor new Professional Organisers.

Angela Esnouf - Creating Order From Chaos

6. How have you grown your business so that revenues continue to grow even when you are not present?

I have some affiliations which work for me, as well as ebooks which keep ticking over.  There are plans for more.  In the meantime, everything I do, every new workshop etc, is leveraged to make it do double duty.

7. Does online marketing play a big part in your business? What strategies do you employ?

My website – – and Facebook business page – – have to work hard for me. The first involved a significant investment of funds, the other of time. And both work well for me, mainly because I know who my target market is and where they hang out.

8. How do you work smarter, not harder?

My favourite mantra is “D is for Delegate”.  I ask myself which tasks are best done by someone else – things outside my area of expertise or interest.  Outsourcing makes the best use of my funds and time, and when done properly gives me better results. I look outside of myself for role models and examples of more efficient ways to do things. There is always room for improvement. I also keep a “support crew” around me.  As a sole trader, it can be isolating, and sometimes you need to bounce ideas around or ask for a supplier recommendation.

9. Can you tell us your top three decluttering tips for businesses?

a. Know what records you need to keep and for how long. Then keep those records in a way that will make them easy to retrieve if and when you need them.

b. Work in the cloud as much as possible.  This frees you up so you can work from anywhere and can collaborate more easily.

c. Whittle down that email inbox.  Be careful about who you invite in and manage the time you spend reading and answering email.

Thank you Angela for agreeing to share her insights, experience and knowledge with Better Business, Better Life.

The best way to contact Angela is…. By phone on 0403 164 469 or email

What are you favourite organising and decluttering strategies? Share your ideas below!

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