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Europe Update

So much has happened since you and I last caught up. I have finished the Contiki tour, flown to Paris and joined my Intrepid tour heading for Rome.

Firstly a big congratulations to Contiki. I must admit I was skeptical but you exceeded all my expectations and what a great group of people.

Paris was a city of contradictions. The area I stayed in was dirty and the first place I felt unsure of my safety. At the same time the key attractions were truly fantastic and the bookshops awe inspiring even if English was lacking.

Nice reminded me of Paris in a lot of ways but there is no denying the beauty of its beaches. I went for a swim each day. Swimmer beware. The stone beaches were a killer getting in and out of the water, particularly when you were bowled over by the waves. Never will I complain about sand again.

The next installment will come via Italy, the last country I visit before arriving home. Our train crossed the French – Italian border earlier today. I look forward to catching up with you more regularly again.

Until then, ciao 🙂

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