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#ExplosiveBizGrowth – Read Them Or Weep Biz Collection

Business resource list for client attraction, lead generation and client psychology.

Hey you! It’s about time you were in the know.

Ever feel like you’re out of the loop and missing the critical stuff? Or frankly your ego is cactus with FOMO? *fear of missing out

Good news, I have the answer for you.

It’s a new series called…


Each week you’ll get links to the latest you need to know about.

It’ll be client attraction, list building and business growth focused with the occasional need-it-now goodie added in.

Sound good? Let’s dive in!

5 Things You Can Do This Month To Make More Money With Your Business – Blacksburg Belle

Love all these. Read number four extra carefully though for a less obvious but extremely valuable tip – don’t just focus on a social media platform, write a blog post letting your readers know to follow you there. Just like I’m focusing on Instagram this month and would love you to join me over there.

The Psychology Of Your Customers – Social Triggers

Derek in all his brilliance. Have the right people reading, address all four sideliners and you can almost pencil in the sale.

On Ignoring Everyone Else And Being Yourself – Leaving Work Behind

Just because you’re an A-lister doesn’t mean you’re happy. If you aren’t satisfied with your business or life right now, this post was written for you.

The Easiest Way To Stand Out From The Crowd – The Rule Breakers Club

Do you fear competition? Always questioning how you can differentiate yourself from similar businesses? Courtney shares perhaps the most commonsense yet often neglected strategy. Can you honestly say you’ve done at least three of the examples in the last 30 days?

3 Steps To Build A List Of Buyers (Not Just Browsers) – Better Business Better Life

Too good to miss. Find out the number one reason your subscribers aren’t buying from you. Learn the 3-step system to overcome lack of sales. Double the rate of sales your peers make.

The First Step To Hitting Your Big Goals – Jenny Shih

Do you know exactly what you need to do or are you experiencing a gap? Great advice in less than 60 seconds.

Did I miss anything?

Read any amazing resources this week that should have made the collection? Be sure to share them in the comments below.

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