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Fabulous Blog Ribbon

How lucky am I? Two blogger awards in as many weeks.

Thanks to Helen from Helz Designs for passing me this wonderful ribbon.
Helen is my go to blogger whenever I want to know something about fonts, graphic design and visual-related WordPress plugins. In fact here is a list of her most commented on posts.

As usual there are some rules to follow with the Fabulous Blog Ribbon:

Thank the blogger who awarded you the ribbon … done with pleasure.

And handle the tasks formatted as headers below:

Name five fabulous moments in your life:

  1. Starting my business.
  2. Travelling Europe for six weeks.
  3. Attending UnConvention at the weekend. So glad to meet with young entrepreneurs with similar interests and passions as me.
  4. Getting a High Distinction for an economics unit in my degree after months of illness.
  5. Growing up on a farm (not strictly a moment but a great period of time).

Name five things that you love:

  1. Catching up with friends.
  2. The Fleurieu Penninsula (south of Adelaide, Australia).
  3. Meeting new people.
  4. High speed internet (this could be influenced by not having it currently).
  5. Chocolate.

Name five things you hate:

  1. People making the assumption that social media is a waste of time without trying it.
  2. A messy workspace.
  3. Being unproductive.
  4. People enduring pain and hurt.
  5. Missing out on fun stuff.

Of course I would pass this award to Helen if she hadn’t already been awarded.

My five deserving bloggers are:

Natalie Birt of Mummy Smiles

Louisa Claire of Brand Meets Blog

Leo Widrich of Leo Starts Up

Andy Sernovitz of Damn, I Wish I’d Thought Of That

Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess

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