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Facebook Live Backgrounds: What To Use When You’re On A Budget

How do you choose a background for your livestreams, your Facebook Lives, when you’re on a tight budget and perhaps you’re not ready to invest in a background, a custom branded background?



Hello, I’m Caylie, from Better Business Better Life and I’m all about helping you fill your business with clients via simple and easy-to-implement marketing strategies that you can roll out consistently.

One of my focuses for 2017 is increasing visibility. It’s something that I know is really important for my clients and I’ll also do for myself, as I continue to grow my business.

When we’re thinking about visibility, we’ve got to think about what’s going to get us noticed in the newsfeed?

How to get noticed in the Facebook Newsfeed

Now in an ideal world, you’d have the budget to invest in a custom-branded backdrop and there are a number of services offering this.

The thing is, when you’re starting out with livestreaming, and particularly if you’re doing it on a budget, you might not be ready to invest the money yet.

That’s ok. You can still do things to get yourself noticed in the newsfeed.

For example, tonight I’ve just arrived in Ballina, New South Wales, I’m not at home, I’m travelling at the moment, and I went, ‘How am I going to create a great background for my livestreams? How am I going to capture attention in the newsfeed?’

What I did see when I first walked in?

I noticed these amazing cushions behind me. See how they’re bright. They’re going to stand out, they’ve got lots of colour.

They’re going to capture attention in the newsfeed, where a plain brick background or a white wall wouldn’t.

Obviously, you’ve got a person in the video, as well, and people are drawn to people, so it’s really important that you standout from your background.

Create a simple branded Facebook Live background

Now in future and if I was at home, I’d use a background I created with my brand colours, making sure I’ve got consistent branding throughout my livestreams..

It might be that if you usually have a plain blank wall behind you when you go live, that you actually cut out some shapes in your brand colours and stick them on the wall.

I know Kimra Luna, who now has a multi-million dollar business, did that for a while when she was starting out her business. She had shapes in her brand colours stuck to the wall and it was so effective. Everybody knew they were Kimra’s videos or her livestreams.

It’s such a simple, easy background but it will get your livestream noticed in the newsfeed, which means more eyes on you, more people hearing your message, and the opportunity to spread your business further.

Tip: before you go live, have a look in the camera so you know what can be seen behind you. You don’t want any ‘unplanned’ items or information showing up. 

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