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7 Tips To Skyrocket Facebook Live Engagement

7 tips to skyrocket your Facebook Live engagement.The past few weeks we’ve been talking Facebook Live and the seriously positive impact it has on your business.

Everything from how to feel more confident; backgrounds on a budget; make up v. no make up; 15 simple topics to boost sales; to reaping the benefits of increased visibility.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check those posts and lives out.

Today though you’ll be learning tips from multi-six and seven-figure businesswomen (and by that I mean PROFIT) who’ve used Facebook Live to grow their businesses.

Take it away ladies…

Jessica Nazarali shares her favourite Facebook Live engagement tip.1. Always be seeding your offers

To successfully make your offer and convert during a Facebook Live I recommend you refer back to your program, clients and work that you do throughout the Facebook Live. Don’t just bring it up at the end.

Focus on the what, why and inspiration in your Facebook Lives and the specific how tos are in your program/offer. Encourage people to message you if they are interested in learning more.

A big part is being consistent with Facebook Lives so you build up you know like and trust factor.

Jessica Nazarali is a Business Strategist and Certified Master Coach. She is also the host and founder of It Girl Academy and It Girl Foundation.To watch Jess’ Facebook Lives visit her It Girl Community.


Nicole Liloia shares her favourite Facebook Live engagement tip.2. Use location to build engagement

Instead of going live in my Facebook group, I do it on my business page and then share it in the group to get more engagement.

Nicole Liloia helps smart-yet-overwhelmed women wake up from their fast-paced day-to-day lifestyles and step out of their comfort zones so they can really start living, connecting and have more happiness in their lives. To watch Nicole’s Facebook Lives visit The Successful Lifestyle Circle.


Melyssa Griffin recommends balancing social and promo during Facebook Lives to maintain engagement.3. Balance the promo with free content

I typically use Facebook Lives for free content, but will sometimes pitch an opt-in incentive (more free content) to get viewers onto my list or into a sales funnel.

To me, that feels a little easier than pitching a product, but I also know some people who treat their Facebook Lives more like webinars where they have a more formal pitch.

I occasionally do Facebook Lives that are ALL about a product, but only when it’s a special occasion, like the last day of a launch or a day when bonuses are expiring during a launch.

Melyssa Griffin teaches entrepreneurs and bloggers how to grow their audience, influence, and income so that they can make a genuine impact on the world. To watch Melyssa’s Facebook Lives visit Online Business BFFs.


Kaelin Tuell rocks Facebook Live engagement.4. Master one message

Master one webinar that converts then do it on Facebook Live. It removes any friction that can prevent people showing up live and converts like crazy. But you got to have a high converting webinar first, so you don’t look like a fool on Facebook.

Kaelin Tuell has lost 65 pounds, earned her IFBB Pro Card in World Record time, and inspired thousands of people along the way.  To watch Kaelin’s videos head to her Facebook Page.


Increase business visibility with Facebook Live.


Melissa Pharr says get straight into content to maintain Facebook Live engagement.5. Position yourself as an expert

Don’t be the person that gets on Facebook Live and says ‘I’m just going to give a few more minutes for people to go ahead and get on, then when we have a few more people watching, we’ll go ahead and start.’

Don’t do it and here’s why:

If I go on a Facebook Live and somebody is sitting there just hanging out, the first impression it gives me is they don’t have anyone following them. It may not mean that but you always want to position yourself as an expert.

Get on livestream with tonnes of energy right from the beginning. You’re not waiting for anybody because you’ve got important, exciting things to say and that’s why there’s replay. You don’t want people watching the replay having to wait through that.

Get straight to business.

Melissa Pharr is a top wealth and abundance creation coach working with female entrepreneurs who are coaches to create six figure incomes. To watch Melissa’s Facebook Lives head to The Feminine Affluent Entrepreneur.


Lauren Vanessa Zink shares her favourite Facebook Live engagement tip.6. Get started now

Do it before you’re ready because you’ll never be flipping ready.

Lauren Vanessa Zink is a copywriter who helps brave entrepreneurs make more money with their words. To watch Lauren’s Facebook Lives head to Brave Entrepreneurs.


Note: Need some help feeling confident around Facebook Live? Here’s my simple strategy to get you comfortable.


Caylie Price shares three tips to skyrocket Facebook Live engagement.7. Work smarter, not harder

Facebook wants us livestreaming and has changed it’s algorithm twice to keep Lives at the top of the newsfeed longer. This leads to greater organic reach and more opportunity to connect with your ideal clients. You can turbocharge your organic reach however with three smart moves:

1. Schedule an email in advance of your Facebook Live letting subscribers know why they should join and when. Your subscribers are already part of your community and are more likely to engage than a ‘cold’ viewer. This engagement increases your reach, strengthens your relationship and can lead to exposure to new audiences.

2. Ask a question during your Facebook Live introduction making sure it’s easy to answer. For example, if I am talking about social media I could ask “Are you frustrated with Facebook organic reach?” Viewers will immediately answer yes or no. The comments indicate that people value your content so Facebook will share it with more of your audience.

3. You’ve done the hard work to get viewers, now make sure they come back by telling them to tap to turn on notifications while you are live.

Caylie Price is a client attraction coach who teaches businesswomen how to make money with Facebook Live. To watch more of Caylie’s Facebook Lives head to Better Business Better Life


Take Action

You’ve got seven great tips to build engagement and skyrocket your Facebook Live results so it’s time to get into action.

Be sure to grab a copy of the 15 Simple Facebook Live Topics To Boost List Growth And Sales then go live.


Increase business visibility with Facebook Live.

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