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FB Live To Thrive Affiliate Program

FB Live To Thrive Affiliate Program

Thanks for your interest in being an affiliate for the FB Live to Thrive program!

The program is free to join and you’ll get a 50% commission for each sale – plus you’ll be providing a stress free solution to help businesswomen grow their visibility, connection and sales to ideal clients.

Lots of good karma!

Here’s how to become an affiliate:

1. Click to sign up with GetDPD for the FB Live To Thrive affiliate program.

2. Click on Get Link Codes.

3. To create your affiliate link for the 15 Simple FB Live Ideas To Boost List Growth And Sales opt in click Generate Hoplink within the Website Campaigns section.

4. To create your affiliate link for the FB Live To Thrive sales page click Generate Hoplink within the Product Hoplinks section.

5. Once you have your affiliate links you can use them whenever you talk about the opt in incentive or the course:

Share your experience of the program on a Facebook Live

Mention it on Facebook or Twitter (access images here)

Write a review about it on your blog

Interview me! For your podcast or email me any questions for the interview – I’ll answer them and send you a pic to put on your website 🙂

Pop a pic on your website sidebar (access here)

Take a happy snap of you using it and share it on social media. People love seeing a glimpse into your daily life!

Bundle with a complimentary program you’ve created.

Anyone who buys using your link (within the 100 day cookie period once they click your affiliate link) will send a 50% commission your way!

Special Tip for more sales: I believe the most powerful message you can give your community is your absolute honest opinion on what the FB Live To Thrive program is really like – and the results you’ve experienced working with it yourself, so I highly recommend purchasing and using the program if you’re going to be promoting it. You’re welcome to use your affiliate link to invest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program sell for?

The regular price for the FB Live To Thrive is AUD $997.00, but it will be offered at the early bird price of AUD $497.00 from time to time (for example, between 21 February 2017 and 3 March 2017).

How will we know when it’s going on special?

You will be advised via email from GetDPD.

Can I provide my own discount instead of or as well as your ones?

No separate discounts or cash backs can be offered as it complicates commissions and refunds. I’m all about making life easy and this applies to the affiliate program as well 🙂

But you are welcome to offer a ‘combination promo’ to your community – say for example you have an ebook or program of your own and you would like to offer it as a free bonus to everyone who purchases their FB Live To Thrive program using your link – that’s fine! You are responsible for delivering any bonuses yourself though. 🙂

How do I get paid?

All payments will be made to your PayPal email, so you must have PayPal to take part in the affiliate program.

When do I get paid?

Payments will be processed on a monthly basis. I’ll be offering a 14 day satisfaction guarantee on the program, so after 14 days has passed from point of sale, the commission is allocated to you, and your payment will be processed the first Monday of each month (Sydney, Australia timezone).

Do I have to become an affiliate before a specific date to take part?

Nope! You can become an affiliate at any date.

What if my customer asks for a refund?

If your customer asks you for a refund and it’s within 14 days of their purchase, feel free to pass them my email address – it’s – I’ll take care of everything for you. I’ll do my best to solve any problem your customer has, and if I can’t find a solution they’re happy with, I’ll cheerfully refund their money.

Of course, if a refund is provided, it will void your commission for that purchase as well (which is why I try really hard to fix any issues first). Please don’t refund out of your own pocket as I’ll need to confirm if the refund is for the full price or discount price and I won’t be able to reimburse you for any refunds you provide yourself.

I have some feedback on the program – do you want to know about it?

Of course! Absolutely. Positive or constructive, I want to hear any and all feedback. If it’s positive feedback, I’ll put it up on the website as a testimonial with the first name (and website link if applicable) of the person giving the feedback – so if you’re a blogger and want some linkage for free, send me your testimonial! If it’s constructive, I’ll absolutely take it on board. I may not be able to make any changes to this year’s program due to time constraints, but it will certainly influence next year. So yes – email any feedback to me at

I look forward to a successful partnership together!


Any questions? Send them through to and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

*Note: Please adhere to your country’s guidelines when it comes to disclosing your affiliation – you’ll get nothing but positives from it 🙂