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The Nudie Run Of Blogging – Ask The Readers

Find Your Blogging Voice

Did you read the headline and wonder what on earth is going on?

Nudie runs on a site that talks about blogging as a business tool. Not perhaps what you’d expect but probably a good illustration of the focus of this post.

Blogging voice.

It’s something all the ‘experts’ talk about.

‘You need to find your voice.’

‘Do you know what your authentic voice is?’

‘Voice is critical to the success of your blog.’

But what is blogging voice?

Is your blogging voice what you write about or how you say it? Or both?

Do you need to balance your voice with your ideal client’s needs or would you suggest being 100% you guarantees connecting with the right people?

Do you think your blogging voice can be inspired by the leaders in your niche or is that something to be frowned upon? Should you be concerned with what others are doing?

What do you want to be known for? It’s not my style to drop F* bombs but is it your style? Do you think it’s ok or not?

Do you like to ‘bare all’ or just let the best bits shine through?

Let me hear your voice!

Ok, so I’ve officially asked you 50 million* questions and would love to hear what you think.

Tell me your opinion in the comments (yep, in your fair dinkum manner).

I’ll choose my two favourites from your comments and share my own opinion on blogging voice in the next post.


*approximate figure only.

13 Responses to The Nudie Run Of Blogging – Ask The Readers

  1. I love your post. Our blogging voice is what makes us unique and different and resonates with readers and subscribers. It clearly should not be frowned upon.

  2. I think your blogging voice should be your real authentic self and should show what you are really wanting to do for and with your clients or audience.

    There are billions of people out there and it would be better for you to align with those who ARE already in alignment with you and your particular message than to try to attract anyone and then you are both dissatisfied.

    I personally do not use “bad language” and would not work with or follow anyone who does.

    I do NOT think you should follow what others are doing unless it aligns to your authentic self.

    Be yourself.

    Strive for excellence and service to your ideal customers and audience and be happy and you should be fine.


    Kathy Hadley

    Visiting from UBC

  3. Your blogging voice should be the best version that you have of yourself. And this best version of you is going to resonate with those that need to hear your message the most. I personally love transparency and it’s how I chose to write my blogs…. and it has attracted people that are in sync with that I have to say/offer.

    I don’t believe in following what others are going though a little market research is always smart. We are all born with gifts that are meant to be shared, so long as we are doing that – the universe will meet us halfway and provide beyond our wildest dreams.

    Awesome questions 🙂

  4. Like ditty-boppers in WWII, your blogging voice is your fist. People who read me can tell it’s me whether I’m blogging or writing for another medium. Morse code operators and enigma code breakers could tell who was sending dots and dashes even if they moved locations. Self comes out. It always finds a way 🙂

  5. To me, your blogging voice is you being YOU. Sharing yourself, your insecurities, and your ideas in a volunerable way…and being open to let people connect with you. Great post!

    • I’m really interested in your comment Krista. Thanks for sharing. Do you think that sharing your vulnerabilities and insecurities regularly on a blog is ok regardless of the topic?

  6. I suppose it depends what you’re blogging about really. If it’s a blog about how to invest money or secure your home or something like that, I would be put off by too much swearing or wishy-washiness. But it’s good to read authentic thoughts for most topics and get to know the writer.

    • Hi Ana,

      I think there is definitely a balance to be found between the blogger and reader’s needs. Personally I prefer not to include swearing in my writing but at the same time some of my favourite bloggers let fly regularly. Hello Ash from The Middle Finger Project…

      Thanks for joining the discussion!

  7. Oh this is an interesting discussion, as I feel there are a couple of different types of bloggers who are creating value in different ways.

    For example, for some bloggers, 100% transparency is what draws their readers in, and as a result provides the absolute highest value possible!

    However, for others, blogging is an extension of another business – i.e. a coaching or mentoring practice. In these cases, I find there is a space where being real and vulnerable can shine through – but only to the extent that it still gives their ideal clients maximum value in bettering their lives.

    Does that make sense?

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