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Follow Through On Your Commitments: A Guest Blogging Story

Guest Blogging: Following Through On New Year Commitments

Can you believe we are half way through April? When they say time flies they aren’t kidding!

What commitments did you make for 2013?

At the start of 2013 I made a commitment that I was going to expand my guest blogging efforts and unlike many resolutions we make I’ve followed through.

I’ve written about everything from blogging to pinterest to profiles. Without further ado, here are the guest posts. I hope you find them really helpful!

Revealed: The Easiest Way To Activate Your Tribe on Michelle Shaeffer

Inside Business with Caylie Price on Studio Exsto

If You’re Are Struggling To Get Blog Readers, Read This (Or Continue Wasting Your Precious Time) on Studio Exsto

12 Most Winning Factors For Hosting A Successful Blog Challenge on 12 Most

6 Ways To Increase Your Pinterest Following Fast on Grassroots Internet Strategy

Grow Your Business With Pinterest: Get Your Images Right on Create & Thrive

Grow Your Business With Pinterest: Get Your Account Organised on Create & Thrive**

Grow Your Business With Pinterest: Search Engines Love Pinterest on Create & Thrive**

Grow Your Business With Pinterest: Is Pinterest Worth The Effort For Small Business? on Create & Thrive**

**Please note Pinterest has just introduced some new features. I’ve written a post on the changes for Grassroots Internet Strategy and will update you here as soon as it’s published.

A big thank you to the awesome chicks and blokes who kindly allowed me to share with their readers.

So what’s next in my guest blogging adventures?

I’m currently writing two posts for Grassroots Internet Strategy, another for 12 Most and a couple I can’t share yet.

Oh and I have a slightly crazy, hair raising idea called 21 Days Of Blog Growth!

Yes, really.

I’ve already identified some bloggers I will approach with my post ideas but I’m open to suggestions and requests too.

Would you like me to guest post about blog growth for you?

Tell me in the comments or email me: caylie (AT)  

Have you had positive guest posting experiences? What results did you enjoy?

15 Responses to Follow Through On Your Commitments: A Guest Blogging Story

  1. Wow Caylie you’ve definitely been busy! One of my goals is to actually start guest posting this year. Seeing your list inspires me to stop procrastinating and get on with it 🙂 I’ll definitely check out your posts!

  2. Congrats on following through with your resolution! My site has just passed the 1000 follower mark. Maybe I can attract some guest posters soon…

    • Eugene, don’t wait until you reach the 1,000 follow mark. Ask bloggers with complimentary followings now, especially if they are already commenting on your blog! Good luck!

  3. Those sound like great posts and that’s a lot of work for just this year alone! This is great encouragement that you really can make a commitment and stick to it, even if it involves other people.

    • All the bloggers have been such kind hosts. I think as long as you offer value to the host’s readers they will happily support you. Would you like to make a guest blogging goal?

  4. I’m making a dedicated effort to guest post this year! My blog is less than a month old, so I figure guest blogging in places with higher readerships than mine will be a great place to jump start my own readership!

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