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Gerry Harvey Doesn’t Get Selling Online

Gerry Harvey’s “Gerry finally gets it” marketing campaign aimed at demonstrating his understanding of selling online is misguided.

Why? The campaign is likely to be very costly and offers little value to consumers. They couldn’t care less if Harvey “get’s it” or not.

The campaign follows heated debate between the likes of Ruslan Kogan (Kogan Technologies), Solomon Lew (of Just Group) and Harvey regarding GST on goods purchased online. Since lobbying the government and being met with backlash from small business owners and consumers, Harvey has changed tack and announced he is launching a daily deals website and a separate full service website for Harvey Norman.

“Gerry finally gets it” aims to smooth ruffled feathers but it doesn’t consider the online consumer smarts. Individuals buying online are well aware of how to research and receive the best deal. Harvey would be better to say “I’ve listened so Harvey Norman’s online store incorporates the benefits you asked for.”

However it is worded, the campaign needs to focus on how the consumer benefits buying from Harvey Norman. Does it offer for example, faster delivery, cheaper prices, improved customer service or a simpler checkout process? How does it incorporate the interest free agreements that Harvey uses to sell his wares so well?

Harvey has an outstanding retailing record and will no doubt make a long term success of his new direction. Like all entrepreneurs however, it seems he will face hurdles in once again rising to top.

What has been your best online shopping experience? Which online store would you recommend?

Photo credit: Towers Studio

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