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When to post on Facebook to get your organic reach back (2min tip)


You know I am the no.1 cheerleader of Facebook Live because of the incredible benefits it offers – more visibility, connection and sales.

But here’s a tip to increase your Facebook page organic reach regardless of post type:

Get your timing right!

Your post can seriously boost or outright slaughter your visibility but how do you know when to post?

Check out your page insights:


When to post on your Facebook Page and get your organic reach back.


Go to your Facebook business page then:

1. Click in Insights.

2. From the left menu choose Posts.

3. The second graph shows you the weekly average number of your fans online at different times during the day.

4. If you hover over a particular day in the first graph, an additional line will appear on the second graph with audience online specific to that day.


How to know the best times to post on your Facebook page.


By hovering over Wednesday I can see the best time for me to post that day is just before 8am.

Focus on posting when your largest audience is online each day and you’ll have greatest possible initial organic reach*

*Before factors such as your audience starting to engage come into play.

Whether you schedule in advance or prefer impromptu posts, set yourself up for success using this readily available information.

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