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Increase Your Subscriber List With Guest Blogging

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to strategically guest blog to build your subscriber list
  • How to effectively use your bio link
  • Why linking within the article is a must

How To Increase Your Subscriber List With Smart Guest Blogging Transcript

Build Your Subscriber List With Guest BloggingSo you’ve been working hard and writing your best ever content because you’re about to be published as a guest on a great website. They have huge traffic and lots of subscribers. How wonderful!

Except when you do, you don’t actually get any benefit from it. You wait and you expect some traffic. You get some but what happens next?

Hi, I’m Caylie from Better Business Better Life and I’m coming to you today because I dearly want to share with you how to get results from your guest blogging.

One of the things I see people doing is guest blogging without a particular goal in mind. They think ‘this is a fantastic website, it’s relevant to my target audience, they have people that might like my content and my products and services’ so they guest post.

But they don’t actually set a goal before they start. They don’t say I’d really like fifty subscribers from this guest post. So because they don’t set that goal, they also don’t think about how to make that happen.

Well the good news is by a little bit of strategic thinking you can achieve a goal such as fifty subscribers from a post and I’m going to tell you how.

Build Your List With Your Guest Post Bio

Quite often we hear when we’re looking at guest post rules that you can have a bio at the end of your post and you might include a link back to your website. The thing to do when you’re including that link is to make sure it’s targeted in when it takes people to.

For example, you could put your home page as the web address in the link back your site but that’s not necessarily very valuable. What you probably want to do is to create an opt in incentive and link back to a landing page where you have that opt in hosted; a web form that people can fill out when they come to visit and they get your free incentive. That’s one way to increase your subscribers.

Linking Back To Your Website Within The Guest Post

The other thing you can do is to actually include a link within the article. Certainly from Google’s perspective this is more valuable in terms of increasing your ranking in search engines but it also means, because it’s a relevant link during an article, and people reading the article assume it’s going to provide more information, they are more likely to click this link than the one in your bio.

They see a direct correlation between the information and the value you’re providing in the guest post to what you must be linking back to. So again, just like before, we want them to be directed back to your website but in particular back to a landing page where they can subscribe to the opt in and get further information on whatever you are talking about.

So that’s a great tip to keep in mind and to make sure the effort you’re putting in to guest blogging pays off.

Thank you so much for joining me today and I’ll talk to you shortly. Bye.

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