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Don’t Be Burnt By Guest Blogging

Is guest blogging too time consuming to make it a viable list building strategy?In case you missed it, last week we were chatting about four reasons guest blogging absolutely kicks Facebook Ad butt. It definitely hit a nerve with many people committing to guest blogging moving forward.

The common concern however was that guest blogging can be very time consuming compared with other list building strategies. And it can be IF you don’t work smart.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out how to maximise your list growth while minimising time invested.

Hey. I’m Caylie from Better Business Better Life and today I want to talk to you about getting burnt.

Now some of you may know but others not, last week I was getting a hot water bottle for my grandmother, who has a sore shoulder, and I burnt myself.

There were some things I could have done to prevent getting burnt.

  • I could have not filled the hot water bottle as much.
  • I could have put the cap on a little quicker.
  • I could have not caught the hot water bottle, that didn’t have the cap on, as it dropped.

It probably would have saved me a little bit of pain, a little bit of agony. Nevertheless, it happened.

What does that have to do with guest blogging?

When you guest blog, you put in a lot of time and effort. You put research into who to guest post for. You write your guest post to the very best of your ability and put a call to action for people to come back and subscribe to your content because you want to be able to share with them and be able to contact them in the future.

But here’s the thing…

Last year I created a blogging tour to promote a new ebook I had created and I would love to say I had put a lot of research into who I was going to guest post for but I didn’t. Now that’s not to say the people I guest posted for weren’t lovely. It’s not that I didn’t want to guest post for them but it does mean I didn’t get the results I was hoping for.

By not researching the audience size of the blogs I was posting for, how engaged they were, just simply by not making sure they were perfectly suited to my niche and had my target audience spending time on them; I wrote 21 blogs in 21 days and had very little to show for it.

Say I was able to write a guest blog in an hour that was 21 hours I was blogging; without formatting, sending it to my host, helping promote it, without thanking them (I wrote a thank you card to everyone) and look I enjoyed the tour, I appreciate everyone who hosted me but the return wasn’t great.

I got minimal new subscribers from it and it was a big learning curve for me. It was a lot of work for not a great reward.

What can you do about it?

You must research before you pitch to guest post somewhere; so making sure your ideal audience is spending time on that particular website. Make sure the readers are engaged. Do they comment regularly? Or do they share content? Making sure they are engaged so the odds of them taking action when they read your call to action for your opt in incentive is higher; making sure that they’ll notice that and click on it is really, really important. Otherwise you could spend a lot of time working for little reward, just like I did. You will get burnt and burnt out by guest blogging very quickly if you don’t target the right hosts.

I’m not saying to you to go and target the biggest blogs you can find. They aren’t necessarily the best places; some are, some aren’t. The critical factor is how well does their audience match your ideal audience. Always keep that in mind before you pitch to guest blog somewhere.

I hope you found that tip helpful. Definitely keep it in mind, it’s something I could have done a lot better before my blog tour and it’s certainly something I’ve learned from and have done much, much better moving forward.

By doing so it’s meant I average 40 new subscribers per guest post and that I do get real results, real rewards from those people who subscribe because they are engaged, they are my ideal audience and my offers, my paid offers do suit them.

So do the research and you will find guest blogging is a really, really rewarding way to grow your business.

Enjoy that?

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6 Responses to Don’t Be Burnt By Guest Blogging

  1. Great post! For me, I prefer asking to be interviewed or talk about a topic on video or a podcast. I’m not as comfortable with writing (get more comfortable by the day) so I don’t feel my written posts would be the high quality I would want for someone else’s blog/website.
    I’ve gotten great results (lots of consistent website traffic) from being a guest on podcasts and video. Maybe I’ll dive into guest blogging actual written form. I have a few websites I’ve been wanting to appear on.

  2. Oh that is great advice. Love the what to looks for on guest blogging. I’ve thought about it but have never really got around to doing any guest blogging.

  3. Great advice, and makes so much sense! I’ve been a guest blogger a few times, and I think next time before I say “yes” I will do a little more research on the engagement of the blog, the target market of the blog and how closely it aligns with my niche, and the time investment required to make my guest post as brilliant as possible!

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