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Guest Blogging – Recruiting Submissions

Last week I wrote a post explaining why your guest post submissions failed. Today in part two of the series you will learn about recruiting guest bloggers and their submissions for your own blog.

Many of us aspire to it but few people are able to focus solely on blogging.

Regardless of our blogging purpose or intentions, there are usually 194,725 other things trying to steal our attention.

And no matter how much we love blogging sometimes other tasks have to take priority.

When this happens (or hopefully prior to) organising and publishing a series of guest posts can really take the pressure off.

If you do it right!

The Benefits Of Hosting Guest Bloggers

Let’s look at the benefits of hosting guest bloggers.

1. Reduced Workload

Life happens. Sometimes we struggle to keep up. Other times we take ‘me’ time in the hope of preventing or minimizing struggle. Either way, anything that helps make life easier gets a tick. Guest blogging √

2. Your Readers Are Exposed To Complimentary Content

If you choose appropriate bloggers to host on your blog, the content will be both relevant and value-adding for your readers. The guest blogger doesn’t have to agree with you on everything. In fact, an opposing view can freshen up your blog and snap your readers back to attention.

3. Increased Peer Connections

Hosting guest bloggers can lead to a myriad of opportunities. Perhaps you will both increase your readership or you might pursue a joint venture? You will definitely develop a stronger, supportive connection.

The Risk Of Inviting Guest Bloggers To Your Site

Inviting other bloggers onto your real estate has its risks. The submissions may be below the required standard or you could end up with an unmanageable number.

Asking for revisions or rejecting posts outright is tough but at times absolutely necessary. Always bear in mind that they are your readers to lose. Don’t take the easy path. It will only make the final outcome so much harder if an unsuitable submission is published.

Before You Recruit

Don’t put the word out before you are ready!

1. Set Some Post Parameters

Before you announce your blog is accepting guest post submissions lay down some guidelines. Potential guest bloggers will appreciate the guidance and it will be a more efficient management process for you.

Things to consider:

Topics – What is relevant for your blog?

Length – What do your readers prefer?

Spelling and grammar – American English or British?

Formatting – Do you want the guest to add formatting?

Images – Should the guest supply images?

Ownership – Who retains ownership of the post? Can the guest republish on their own blog?

Editing – Will you as host advise of editing prior to the post being published?

2. Identify Bloggers You Would Like To Host

You will have favourite bloggers that produce content you love. You’ll also know who the A-listers in your niche are.

You should definitely aim to have them post on your blog if they will add value for your readers.

Don’t forget like-sized bloggers though.

Too often we go for the shiny object thinking it will be a massive coup when in reality the results may be less impressive than expectations.

Comparable sized bloggers will appreciate that you’ve reached out to them. They are more likely to value your connection. Promotion of their post will be a higher priority. Overall, they will focus more effort on the partnership and that’s a win for both parties.

How To Recruit And Receive Guest Blogger Submissions

You know why you want to host guest bloggers. You’ve worked out how the content is to be submitted. The next step is all about recruiting bloggers and receiving their submissions. There are three key possibilities.

1. Direct Recruiting

You can make direct contact with the preferred bloggers you identified earlier. Email them introducing yourself and the opportunity, explain how it will benefit them and their blog then make a call to action. A little bit of genuine flattery never goes astray either.

2. Casting The Net Far And Wide

Another option is to open guest posting opportunities to the public. Rather than making a targeted approach, spread the word through your blog and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn etc. Ask blogging friends and colleagues to help you spread the word. They may even volunteer to make submissions.

3. You’ve Been Approached

Sometimes you get lucky and fellow bloggers will approach you before you put the call out. If this happens be sure to thank them within an appropriate timeframe and advise of the next steps in the process.

Now Share Your Story

Have you opened your blog to guest posts? What has your experience been?

Part three of the guest blogging series will focus on what to do once you’ve received submissions. Look out for ‘Where You Are The Host.’

11 Responses to Guest Blogging – Recruiting Submissions

  1. So far I have had fun with guest blogging. Another UBC blogger and I do a once a wk share & then I am also a guest blogger for another marriage blog. I’ve enjoyed it and have had good luck with it so far. There are a few big names I’d like to ask to guest blog for me but I haven’t gotten the nerve up yet to ask.

    • Hi Shawn,
      I noticed you had some great partnerships going! Can I ask you for some examples of your guest posting results?
      Who are the big names? Put it out there. You never know who might be able to link you up ;o)
      Cheers, Caylie

  2. Hi Caylie,

    I do a lot of guest posting, but have only a handful on my own blog –

    But, I would definitely take all of your suggestions and bookmark it – not being afraid to make suggestions to the poster and even rejecting posts is something to keep in mind as well,

    Thanks Caylie!


  3. I get really scared about doing Guest Blog Posts so I never get around to doing them on a regular basis – I have done a few…not enough 🙂
    They sure help form relationships with other blogger and a gret connection! Plus my traffic climbs higher every time!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for reading and commenting! Greatly appreciated.
      What is it about guest posting that is so daunting for you? Maybe some of my readers have overcome similar fears and can guide you past them.
      I’m pleased that you’re getting great outcomes when you do ‘take the risk.’
      Cheers, Caylie

  4. I love hosting guest bloggers on my blog. Not only does it bring new ideas and new voices, but it allows for me to keep a flow of content when I’m feeling a lack of ideas or inspiration. You made some really wonderful suggestions here, Caylie! Thanks for your ideas and advice, and the offer always stands if you want to guest blog at Joyful Roots 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

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