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A Confession!

A little secret....

As the Foo Fighters sing “I have a confession to make! I’m your fool” I have been researching online tools and social media for months which are used to assist my clients (my business is Better Business, Better Life). I love all things social and online. B.U.T. And it is a BIG BUT!

I haven’t been applying them to my own business! Learning without application is pointless. Building and improving other’s businesses is really rewarding but seriously what is the point if you don’t help yourself as well?

So it’s time to take a leap of faith. Go out on a limb so to speak. You have witnessed my first step! I’ve decided to launch this blog to share the knowledge I have gained with you and to put it into practice.

I hope you will share this journey with me! Be sure to tell me what questions you would like answered! If I can I will, otherwise I will find the best person to answer. With much trepidation but serious passion, onwards and upwards I say!

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