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How To Forget The B-Word And Succeed

Balance Or Investment In Skill Development

Here’s a question for you. When you read ‘B-Word’ what immediately came to mind?

I doubt it was…


…but that is exactly what I am going to talk about.

The other word is…


… or more so investment in self.

Now you might be thinking ‘oh how lovely, imagine taking time to invest in some relaxation to restore balance and sanity.’

But I’m not.

Sorry to disappoint.

See I don’t think we ever truly achieve balance. Never is everything in perfect harmony with no demands for attention and time.

Even when you’re relaxing you aren’t balanced. It simply means your energy and focus is on unwinding instead of working. You’re tilting towards a little TLC.

If you were balanced you’d be equally working and relaxing at the same time. See the problem?

Anyway I digress.

Over the next two months I will be devoting a significant amount of time to investing in myself. I’ve signed up to complete two courses and a challenge. I’ll post more details of each in the future.

Yes, I’ll still be working a minimum of 4.5 days in my day job, delivering awesome to current clients and hopefully maintaining some resemblance to a social life.

So why create such time pressure?

Investing this way will increase my knowledge, skills and awesome (yes I feel a bit strange writing that but damn it ladies and gents we are all awesome in our own ways).

Learning and evaluating rocks. It means I improve, my ability to serve you improves and the world is a happier place (woo woo maybe, but learning does create wins with flow on affects).

Sure it will be hard work. No, I wouldn’t normally recommend such a heavy ‘workload.’ Of course it will drain energy from other priorities.


It’s only for a short period and once it’s done I’ll tilt back towards greater relaxation (and I’ll benefit from newly discovered efficiencies and focus from my learning).

What’s this mean for you and all my beautiful Better Business Better Life supporters?

I’ll absolutely be sharing what I learn as well as my normal posts.

I’ve lined up some extra amazing guest bloggers I can’t wait to introduce you to. I love their goodness and know you will too.

Also, if you aren’t already a Better Business Better Life Legend get in quick because I’ve got some treats and a giveaway lined up for you (exclusive access for Legends only).


How are you investing in yourself? Where are you focusing your energy currently?

13 Responses to How To Forget The B-Word And Succeed

  1. Way to capture attention with your title! I had a similar F word” post early in the UBC that also had no expletives. Currently I am focusing energy on connections. Personal success for me hinges on success for all. I am compassionate through and through. I think we can use synergy to do more good than we can on our own.

    • Hi Donovan!
      I couldn’t resist on the headline – was just too fun!
      I love that you focus on success for all – sometimes that requires us to invest in ourselves so we can support others to even greater levels.
      Thanks so much for reaching out!

    • G’day Gladys,
      How are you investing in yourself currently?
      I must admit I’m a little nervous but also giddy with excitement. Can’t wait to share more with everyone.

  2. Balance – you are right, one of those hard to achieve, hard to define concepts. It’s a moveable feast and totally different for everyone. Good luck with your courses!

    • Thank Joanna!
      Balance sure is different for everyone. Of course that also means while its great to be open to help and guidance only we can know what is the best option for us at any time. What are you busy tilting into currently?

  3. I feel that if you achieve more if you push yourself or give yourself more to do. Free time lends itself to goofing off and not doing as much. Great post with good thoughts!

    • Thanks Bobbi! I was working part time for a portion of last year and I’m embarassed to say it was definitely a less productive time. Effective busyness is best for me 🙂

  4. Thank you for the food for thought about balance. I think of it a little differently – more like having a low center of gravity- I may be tipping this way or that, but I am less likely to be pushed over. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks!

    • Nea, I love your definition of balance too! It’s like a skyscraper needing super strong foundations. Thank you for sharing! Caylie

  5. I think caring for yourself should always be top on your list. It is when we grow that everything outside of us grows – including our business and family.
    Sometimes putting a little pressure on ourselves is a good thing – you appreciate the time off after.

    • Hi Sara,
      Great to see you here again – thanks for commenting!
      Short term or light pressure is great but too much of a good thing equals burnout. I know I’ll be ready for a catch up/bit of extra wellness focus after these courses.

  6. Hi Caylie,
    Good stuff, taking time to learn and grow yourself will pay off in the long term,


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