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How To Link Your Facebook Business Page To Your Personal Profile In Under Five Minutes

How to connect your Facebook business page to your personal profile so it's easier for potential customers to learn more about your business.You’ll find the business page on Facebook, right?

How many times have you met a business owner and thought, “I want what she offers”? You’ve made a mental note to look them up when you get home.

Her business name is really catchy and you’re bound to remember it.

A few hours later when you’re laying back on the couch and decide to look up her business on Facebook, you type in the search box…

Or you would if you could remember the business name.

What was that again?

Thank god you wrote her name down. At least you can search by that and find her business page through her profile.

Or not.

She hasn’t got them connected.

Are you the same?

How Long Will You Leave Your Facebook Personal Profile And Business Page Disconnected?

How many potential customers will you miss out on because you didn’t take five minutes to connect them?

Do you really want to leave money on the table when it’s so easy to invite your clients across?

7 Easy Steps To Link Your Facebook Personal Profile To Your Business Page

1. Log into Facebook and click on your name in the right side menu.

2. Click on the ‘About’ section.

Find the 'About' information on your Facebook personal profile.


3. Click on ‘Work and Education’ to add a new workplace.

Go to the 'Work and Education' section of your personal profile to add your business page.

4. To connect your business page click on ‘Add A New Workplace.’

5. Begin typing in the name of your business page until it appears in the suggested results.

6. Click on your business page name in the suggested results to select it.

Type your Facebook business page name into the 'Add a workplace' section.


7. Enter the remaining business details then click ‘Save Changes.’

To finish connecting your Facebook business page to your profile complete the business details and click save.


Connecting your Facebook business page and personal profile will give you another opportunity to educate your potential clients about your business and build a relationship with them.

Making it easier for people to find your business on Facebook (which you’ve just done) means they’re one step closer to buying from you and I’m pretty sure we all want that.

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  1. This is very helpful. Before I link my pages, there is a typing error in the title and I am unable to correct it,facebook says I have to wait 60 days before I can change the name. All I want to do is correct a spelling error. Do you gave any tips?

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