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How To List Build Your Way To Total Independence

Can you make money with a small subscriber list?What does the celebrating of Independence Day have to do with list building?

The United States national holiday celebrates the declaration of independence from the United Kingdom.

The Philippines also celebrates on fourth of July with Republic Day, the day it was recognised as an independent nation.

Well, here’s a big statement.

Create a successful list building strategy that converts people to subscribers then buyers and you’ll have your independence! – Click to tweet

It’s that simple. Really.

You might be thinking…

Why is it that when I do everything the marketing experts say my list still isn’t growing as I’d like?

Why aren’t I making sales from my list?

Can you really generate serious income from a small list?

In the spirit of you creating independence let’s address those questions.

1. Why isn’t my list growing? I followed the experts’ rules.

Ah, the experts’ rule. Do as I do and you are guaranteed a squillion dollars.

Except you’re not.

Every business is unique. Your target audience is unique. YOU are unique.

Which means that your list building strategy will be as unique as your business.

The strategies ‘experts’ are teaching are what worked for them. And don’t get me wrong they MIGHT work for your business or help along the way. The strategies aren’t wrong or bad. You just need to work out the best strategies for YOUR business.

And that’s the hard bit. You can make it easier though by seeking help. Fast-track your success by having a coach in your corner.

All the best athletes have coaches. You should have a coach for your list building too.

2. Why can’t I make sales from my list?

You’ve got people subscribing to your list. It’s increasing consistently and you’re feeling confident.

You’ve spent weeks outlining your new offer and months creating it. (Actually, I certainly hope you haven’t taken that long. If you are in that boat, please get in touch to help me help you).

The day arrives. You can barely contain your excitement as you launch and let your whole world know. What a feeling! It’s real. You’re in business.

Except you’re not.

You wait…

And you wait…

And you wait…

And you wait…

You start chewing your fingernails…

You ring a girlfriend for reassurance…

Maybe it’s too soon. There’s bound to be gorgeous payment notifications in your inbox when you wake up…

Except there’s not…

Your eyes start to water…

Maybe you’re not cut out for business…

You should have stuck to that waitressing job…

Who were you trying to kid…

You’re ready to quit. You so aren’t cut out for this…

Except you are. You are so meant to do this. You are so capable. You are definitely ‘enough.’

You just forgot to create a sales funnel for your business and when you launched, your subscribers wondered what the hell hit them.

You can successfully sell to your list.

But you need to create a clear path to move people from subscribers to buyers. You need to show them the steps to follow and give them a darn good reason why they should.

3. Can you generate serious income from a small list?

The straight answer… Absolutely.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Say you want to reach the mythical** six-figure income. For the sake of an example, let’s say you start the year with 300 people on your subscriber list.

You decide to focus on VIP coaching as your main offering and price it at $5,000 for six months.

You launch the service and have six people sign up. You’ve got a conversion rate of 2% and earn $30,000.

After providing excellent service that goes above and beyond expectations you ask your clients for testimonials. Further two of your current clients are so thrilled with their results they refer two people each. One of the referrals converts and you now have income of $35,000.

You add the testimonials to your launch sequence and roll it out again. By this stage you’re six months through the year and your list has grown to 500 targeted subscribers. The added social proof helps your conversion rate as visitors to your sales page feel confident in your expertise. Your launch converts at 2.6% and you sign 13 new VIP clients. The resulting income is $65,000.

Now let’s add your income together.

First launch        $30,000

Referral              $5,000

Second launch   $65,000

Total annual income is $100,000.

Great income with a small list. Done.

**I say mythical only because six-figures is bandied about so frequently as ‘the’ goal you much reach. I’d argue you should choose an ideal income based on your wealth and lifestyle goals. For you the figure may be higher or lower.

You Want A List That Gives You Independence

You’re ready to grow up. You’re ready for your business to support you. You’re ready to stake your claim and grab the life you’ve always wanted. With both hands. Never gonna let go.

You’re ready to do whatever it takes. For real this time.

No more listening to the ‘experts’ who claim ‘my method works for EVERY. SINGLE. BUSINESS. because you’ve wised up and know it won’t. It could work but every business is unique and you need a strategy tailored just for you to get the best results.

No more wishing and hoping. No more praying your dreams will come true.

No more embarrassment with only mum, dad and the dog on your list. Or worse, only the dog because mum and dad don’t know how to subscribe. (And let’s face it, you had to create the dog’s profile. Buster wouldn’t sit still long enough to do it himself).

Imagine a life where the ‘experts’ are on YOUR LIST. Listening to YOUR ADVICE. Paying mega bucks for YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

Imagine a life where you travel at will. You can take a day off and know people are still buying from YOU. Your business pays for the house cleaner. Goodbye dusting and ironing. YOU can spend much more QUALITY time with your partner and the kids. Or your friends.

Don’t just imagine. You CAN make it REAL. That’s R. E. A. L.

But if you want to shortcut the process.

Save time and money.

Get the result YOU WANT but much, much faster than working it out all by yourself…

Let me help you.

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