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How To Stay Inspired In Your Business

So it can be really hard when you work for yourself. You sit at the desk all the time, you’re online and yes you are talking to other people but it can get a little bit isolating. You want to be able to keep inspired so how do you do that?

Tip #1 – Move Away From The Screen

The first tip I’m going to give you is to get out from behind the computer. There is nothing better than face to face conversation. We talk to people all day online, of course, but it’s not the same as face to face.

It might be that you look up a local networking group or jump on and find what groups are available in your area but get out and meet new people, especially like-minded people, particularly other business owners (like I did with the women’s social group at The Hood Milkbar…did I mention pulled pork burger?).

Catching up with the social group at The Hood Milkbar

Tip #2 – Get Back To Nature

Tip number two is nothing beats nature. So last weekend after working really hard during the week I needed a break. What I did was I first of all went to a local food and wine festival. It was fantastic. They had the most beautiful set up which was inspiring in itself and of course I got to try lots of new cuisine and listen to some awesome music. Just to refresh and re-energise, that was fantastic.

How To Stay Inspired In Your Business By Visiting The Maitland Food And Wine Festival

Style Inspiration with Maudie Macs High Tea Maitland Festival

Stay Inspired By Learning New Skills

When I got home, there’s a great big gum tree outside, I got the old picnic rug and had a sit and read. It was wonderful. A total change up from what I’d been doing and I came in with so many more ideas ready to get stuck into my business again. Definitely, getting out in nature and enjoying that experience, feeling the grass under your feet, is a fantastic way to get inspired.

Stay Inspired in Nature with Great Books

Tip #3 – Get Outside Your Online Comfort Zone

If you can’t get out and enjoy some time in nature or you can’t go along to a networking event, I used to live in a rural area and it was really hard to get along, if you can’t do that, a really simple tip is change up what you are looking at online.

If you’re focused on the business coaching industry or perhaps you’re in health, look at something totally different. Look at blogs totally outside your niche. Look, if you’ve got some interests or hobbies, look at something in those areas and think about how what you’re learning might apply to your business. Anyone for some bike riding blog action?

Stay inspired with exercise

How could you make something from a totally different industry apply to the work you’re doing? It’s a really great way to cross pollenise your ideas and introduce something new that hasn’t been done before to help your business and your blog stand out from the competition. Definitely get outside your normal sphere of reading, your normal content that you consume and find something totally different, then consider how you to what you’re doing.

I hope you’ve found those tips really helpful. I know they certainly help me out if I’m feeling a little bogged down and ready to reenergise, revitalise. I’d love you to share in the comments below if you have a tip to be inspired and reenergised. Thanks for listening. Bye.

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8 Responses to How To Stay Inspired In Your Business

  1. This is just great!! I feel this way all the time, can be very isolating! I’ve been making an effort to go out for little coffee dates, taking walks. I find I do my best work AWAY from home. That could be in a café, a hotel room, (a tropical island) haha
    The wine festival looks so precious!!!

  2. great post full of enthusiasm and zest! i don’t tend to stay for hours a day at the computer as i find i get really sick of it – i should get out walking again, i know, but usually a really good book entices me instead. my 2 tips are to do workshops, learning something unrelated to blog content (where you’re mixed in with a bunch of other REAL people) and meditation retreats. they clear the brain.

  3. Because we travel we can go for long periods without meeting like minded people face to face (or people who speak the same language!) so it is soo refreshing when we do! I find swimming starts my creative brain – I am sure meditation does the same thing – that is on my list!

    • Many people say the same about running (although I think I’d be too busy trying to get enough oxygen to be creative 😉 )

      Best wishes with the meditative journey!

  4. This is so on to it. I find walking on the beach, yoga and 8 hours of sleep good. Plus regular breaks throughout the day. Thanks 🙂 Andrea

  5. How we underrate sleep and regular breaks!

    It’s always a struggle to balance the need for self care and generating income as entrepreneurs.

    Of course, if we don’t care for ourselves enough we usually find out too late that we won’t be working any time soon anyway (due to ill health).

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