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Weirdness, Imperfect Blogging And Your Message

Blogging Perfection

Rarely am I nervous to share a post with you and yet with this one I am. Maybe it’s because this is a ‘professional’ blog about blogging for your business and mastering lead generation. And, the first rule of blogging is to focus on your reader. This IS about helping you, my gorgeous reader, it’s just in a bit of round about fashion. And let’s face it, any post you share a video of yourself in is bound to terrify…

This is not the post I planned to write.

I did not plan to spend my week in bed desperate for a scalpel or any sharp instrument I could use to remove my tonsils and right ear.

I planned to have this post written long before now. That would be smart. That would be professional.

Sometimes despite all the determination in the world to be superhuman, you are reminded that although you probably do have some superhuman talents (yes, swimming backstroke in a straight line counts as superhuman) you are at least in part ‘only’ human.

During those times life can get in the way. You might question your business. You might question whether blogging is helping your business. Does blogging really contribute to your business growth or is it simply another time suck?

If you ARE convinced blogging offers great business support, do you fear your latest post isn’t good enough? Perhaps it’s not worth posting if it isn’t perfect. What will your reader think? Why bother? Will you turn all your potential clients away?

In the immortal words of my gorgeous friend and fellow blogging business owner:

“You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to help someone.” – Marissa Roberts Click To Tweet

Not only that, you are bound to help lots of ‘someones.’ And those ‘someones’ will love you for your efforts. Maybe they will become your clients; maybe they will remain happy readers.

One slightly less than perfect post will not make or break your blogging income.

Yes, you do want to do your best but it’s ok not to be perfect.

As another beautiful friend says…

“Know yourself, stick to your weirdness, know the message you want to send.” – Genevieve Gauvin Click To Tweet

If the rest isn’t perfect its ok!

Not sure if you agree with this opinion?

What if I told you Genevieve recently launched an ebook that sold almost 10,000 copies in the first 24 hours? That the ebook has generated $405,000 in the six weeks following its launch?

Would you consider Genevieve’s advice now?

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15 Responses to Weirdness, Imperfect Blogging And Your Message

  1. Sometimes I still fall “prey” to perfectionism, but I’m so much better now. There are times I’d tweak & tweak my blog post (or other marketing messages) and finally I just had to say “go for it” and hit publish. Thanks. ~Debra

  2. Even before I start writing my post, I ask myself, if someone else were writing about this topic, would I read it? If the answer is yes, then I go for it.

    Writing from the heart ensures that one’s best is good enough – after all clients was to hire normal people not perfect people!

    The blog is the place where I let readers and prospective clients learn more about me and my thoughts. Quite often, I won’t get a comment on the post but a private email telling me how much they appreciated my post. Connection established. Something similar happened recently with my contribution for Blog Action Day where the theme was Human Rights. May not be the perfect post for a business or professional blog but it creates a great platform for building trust and creating new connections.

    • I love that Vatsala! “After all clients want to hire normal people not perfect people!” I’m sure there are some fairly demanding clients who expect perfection, and it is something to aim for, but the reality is we can always improve.

  3. Ah, perfectionism. It’s a daily reminder to not let perfectionism get in the way of saying what I want to say and getting my work out into the world. Thanks for sharing, Caylie!

  4. I always feel a little scared and so vulnerable before I post on my blog, (or put anything out on the internet), and wonder if it’s good enough or helping anyone out there. Thanks for the blogspiration to keep going and press post!

  5. I totally have the fear before every blog post. But like Vatsala says, if I take the time to realize that I would want to read the post if written by someone else, I just need to go for it. I don’t consider myself a good writer at all, but I know I will only get better with practice, so that’s what keeps me going. Plus those posts that get such good response and brings me business- keeps me at it every day! Love to see you on video and your beautiful accent!

  6. This is great…even though I have an editorial calendar, sometimes it’s hard for me to get started on a post, probably because I have something in my head that it needs to be a ‘perfect’ blog post. But it’s funny, because once I start typing, I can’t stop. And since I’ve been transitioning from a ‘hobby’ blog to a business blog, I am learning how I could write my posts to help other people. Thanks for the reminder!!

    • Totally understand where you are coming from Desiree! I’m definitely a fan of committing to just two minutes of writing because once I’m started I always keep writing more.

  7. Love your honesty! And the reminder that the goal is not to write the best masterpiece of your life each time, but just to have a clear message and be authentic when expressing it. I believe people respond to the intention behind the words more than to the actual words and that reminds me to get clear on what I’m intending and then trust the words that flow out.

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