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Hitchhike On A Donkey…Get Great Engagement?

Use personal stories to increase blog engagement

When you ask a group of bloggers for their most bizarre yet effective tips to increase the engagement of their audience you’re never quite sure what they’re going to say (especially when someone in the group has already shared how she runs naked from hotel rooms)…if fact it could be a little worrying.

So on that note here’s what they had to share…

Reward The Active

Create a private Facebook group. As well as all the public content I produce, I also have a private Facebook group and invite appropriate people from my community (in my case bloggers) who have taken the time to connect with me in some way.

The benefit to this group is that it rewards the people who are most active in my community and give people direct access to me if they want it. The group supports each other and gives them all a chance to network and partner on the topics that they have in common.

I have found that if you give the most active people in your community a place to connect, share and be supported on a daily basis, the rapport and relationships you build can’t be beat!

Serena Star-Leonard,

Talk About Others

Write about other people often. Give praise to projects and people who you think are doing it right. Some of them will notice and connect with you to say thanks. Your readers or followers will appreciate the examples as well.

Corbett Barr,

Be Strange And Share

Be personal and share bizarre pieces of information about yourself. When you do that you open yourself up to readers, they learn to trust you and they feel braver about sharing their thoughts and ideas with you. I found that out accidentally when I wrote 35 Ways I Don’t Fit In and I make a habit of sharing unusual stories like how I had a bad dream and ran out of my hotel room naked in Greece or how I’ve hitchhiked and caught rides on a donkey cart, a gravel truck and a fire-engine. If the post is strange enough people can’t help but leave a comment.

Annabel Candy,

Network It, Baby

It’s not so much bizarre but does take time and effort – NETWORK. Network in person where your business or your customers are based and networking online where your existing and potential customers are hanging out. This is not something that will work without being consistent. It’s not enough to start a blog or a Facebook page and say, ta-da! You need to be active on those platforms. Your customers want to connect with you… it’s the nature of humanity!

Nikki Parkinson,

What about you?

Have you used any of these strategies to increase engagement? What is the most bizarre way you’ve increased engagement? Tell us below.

Let’s see what you’ve got…

14 Responses to Hitchhike On A Donkey…Get Great Engagement?

  1. lol, loved your title. It made me open and read your post. This year I am going to work on marketing & networking those are the two big ones for me.

    • Hey Mike,
      Thanks for visiting. Are there some great stories you or your friends have that you could combine with time management?
      Cheers, Caylie

    • Oooh I have to check out the abundance attracting mailbox 🙂 Sounds great and nearly everyone hads one.
      Thanks for sharing Laura!

  2. Good Morning
    Great article, I have done anything crazy to engage my customers..but now i am thinking 🙂
    Great post

  3. Great tips here, Caylie!
    Well, I’m not going to run out of hotel rooms naked any time soon…
    But, I’ll certainly have a think about what I can share and talk about others more often too.

    • Lol Jessica. It seems a few of us are avoiding that one (me included).
      Will you be implementing any of the ideas?
      Cheers, Caylie

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