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3 ways to increase sales of evergreen products and services

You launched a product or service a few months back and it sold well. What a relief that all that time and effort paid off.

The problem is things have been super quiet since then. You’ve picked up a sale or two but nothing consistent and a girl’s got to pay her bills.

You need a simple way to boost sales without the crazy overwhelm of a full launch.

Here’s the good news:

All you need to do is watch the video below or keep reading for three easy techniques that’ll increase your evergreen product sales then choose the technique you’ll implement first!

Technique 1: Raise your prices with a twist

Now you may be thinking – hang on, if I increase my prices how will that boost sales?!?!

It’s all in the way you go about it.

This works really well when you let your current subscribers, clients and social media audience know in advance that prices will increase on X date but you’re giving them the option to buy in first.

Here are the steps:

a. Decide on the new price point for the specific product or service.

b. Decide when the price increase will take effect.

c. Send a newsletter to subscribers and post on social media that the price for X offer will increase on Y date. Let them know they still have the ability to jump in at current prices before Y date. If you are revamping or upgrading the offer in preparation for the price rise, let the audience know they will get access to the new version at no extra cost.

I recently used this technique for my Testimonials That Sell program and saw an immediate boost to sales.

Denise Duffield-Thomas from Lucky Bitch Bootcamp also uses this technique extremely effectively. When she upgraded the bootcamp and doubled prices last year, resulting sales totalled $750,000.

Bonus tip: Be sure to time limit the usage period and quantity purchasable per person if your offer is service based. You don’t want to be completing work two years down the track because someone invested but waited to ‘use up’ their purchase.

Technique 2: Email funnel with trip wire

Potential clients are most engaged with your content when they first subscribe to your email list so this is the perfect time to make them an limited time offer.

For example, when people subscribe to my 15 Facebook Live Ideas To Boost Sales freebie they are presented with a limited time offer on the thank you page.

At the start of each school year, Marissa Roberts from Beautifully Organised gives away her kids morning routine and what’s in my backpack prints freebie, then immediately offers subscribers her house and family binder at a reduced price for a limited time.

Why limited time?

This provides extra incentive to act. If your subscriber has been thinking about investing in your program or service, this may move them off the fence and into buying.

Limited time incentives can include exclusive bonuses (think extra training, templates) or a discount.

A word of warning: Don’t create false urgency. If the same offer is available elsewhere or on reload of the page, you will break your client’s trust. Yes, you may get the sale in the short term but you can kiss any repeat business goodbye. Just don’t do it.

I automate my limited time offers with Evergreen Timer from LeadPages, which allows me to easily set a deadline to act for each individual who finds my page—no matter when that person visits.

Technique 3 – Create a product bundle

There a two fantastic ways you can do this: alone or in collaboration.

If you decide to create a product bundle alone, do an audit of all your previous offers and consider what would bundle together well. For example, Nicola Humber recently bundled seven of her weight loss, hypnotherapy and money mindset products together. The package included items no longer offered for sale and was available for three days only.

You can also pair up with one or more business owners and create a bundle of your complimentary offers. For example, I’ve previously paired up with Bianca McKenzie to create a bundle focused on getting your first 1,000 email subscribers. Bianca offered her FB Ads for List Building course while I included my FB Live to Thrive program. FB Live and FB Ads work together beautifully to grow your list and increase sales.

The beauty of collaborating is both business owners gain access to the other’s community and the opportunity to sell to a new audience. Just make sure that whoever you choose to collaborate with has the same target audience and that you know their products are really high quality.

Take action

Want extra help figuring this out for YOUR business? Send me a message on Facebook and I’ll let you know how you can book a 1:1 session with me.

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