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IndiYou Online Marketing Review…The 3rd Day Of Christmas

It’s day two of the 12 Days of Chrismas online marketing review giveaway and today is looking at IndiYou.

IndiYou offers custom design and fit fashion. Something a little bit luxurious. Styles that both suit and fit you. Owner and designer, Linda Murray says the label is for people:

Looking for something that’s different and suitable. Finding the right look for our bodies isn’t always as simple as it should be. IndiYou designs classic styling with a twist or detail to satisfy your creative side.

It’s time to see if IndiYou’s online marketing is fit and suitable.

Great online features IndiYou is employing:

  • The website design pages include great images of the designs IndiYou creates.
  • Each design on the website also has its own page with a more detailed description and additional images.
  • IndiYou’s listings on Etsy have quality images and are well described. Linda has also tagged her items well to ensure they are listed in search results.
  • The Etsy shop profile is well written.

Areas for change/improvement:


  • The information on the ‘About Me’ and ‘News’ pages is very dated. The lack of activity may lead to visitors bouncing as they assume the business is no longer operating.
  • The heading box that appears under the main menu on each page should be removed. It is taking up valuable real estate ‘above the fold.’
  • IndiYou has a presence on Facebook but there isn’t a button for visitors on the website to quickly like the Facebook page.
  • The ‘Design’ pages take too long to load.
  • The website needs to incorporate calls to action to encourage readers to contact Linda.
  • The ‘Printing’ menu item currently takes you straight to DTM Printing without warning. There needs to be a page explaining the relationship between DTM Printing and IndiYou including a link. Sending ‘unsuspecting’ visitors straight to DTM Printing will frustrate them.


  • IndiYou’s listings are all three months old making them unlikely to appear high in search results.
  • The shop doesn’t have links to other social platforms that would otherwise encourage sharing of the listings.


  • The ‘About’ box in the left column should include contact details.
  • Status updates are irregular despite promises of future consistency on two occasions.
  • IndiYou has not taken advantage of the custom profile picture and top banner opportunities.
  • Videos showing products being modelled would assist search rankings and visibility.
  • The ‘Info page’ has solid foundation information but could be developed to include much greater detail.


  • The key content on the IndiYou website needs a major update. Keep the information timeless and date free on the ‘About Us’ page.
  • Increase the number of listings on Etsy to cover two pages at all times. Have a key theme run through the items listed. Regularly relist items to ensure high rankings in search results.
  • Ensure social buttons are added to all online efforts to encourage engagement and sharing of content.
  • Cross promote all content changes and additions across all platforms i.e. add new design photos on the website then link to them on Facebook. This will maximise exposure for IndiYou.
  • Develop a custom profile picture and top banner of photos for IndiYou’s Facebook page. Use the maximum allowable space for the profile picture (180 x 540 pixels) and brand to be consistent with the website.

If you, like Linda, want to build your sales through Etsy I would recommend subscribing to Jess Van Den’s newsletter. Visit her blog Epheriell Designs, sign up and get a free copy of Jess’ ebook ‘How I Went From Nothing To A Sale A Day Online…And It Only Took Me One Month.’

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