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Kitchen Kappers With Kathryn Online Marketing Review…The 2nd Day Of Christmas Giveaway

Kathryn Apps is a busy mum building her business online. She had success with her page YIAH MT ISA (Your Inspiration At Home) before having to start over at Kitchen Kappers with Kathryn.

Your Inspiration At Home employs a party plan business model and Kathryn is a consultant. Most party plan firms have strict requirements and restrictions for their consultants when promoting online. Without knowing for sure I would take a punt that is why Kathryn started again.

Great online tactics Kitchen Kappers with Kathryn is employing:

  • Regular interaction with other Facebook pages.
  • Consistent, daily posting of recipes.
  • Developing strong relationships with likers.
  • Linking Kathryn’s personal page with Kitchen Kappers.

Questions for Kathryn to answer:

  • Does YIAH offer affiliate links to consultants so they are rewarded for any traffic they send to the YIAH website?
  • Are consultants restricted by YIAH from offering complimentary products and services?

Areas for change/improvements:

  • The Kitchen Kappers page needs a custom profile picture.
  • The top banner of images on Kitchen Kapper’s is mouth wateringly yummy looking but needs to incorporate calls to action and product images as well as the food.
  • Content on the ‘Info’ page should be expanded to include details such as the area serviced by Kitchen Kappers, types of parties available, products covered in the YIAH range etc.


  • Kitchen Kappers doesn’t have branding. This needs to be developed immediately to increase awareness and recognition of the business.
  • If Kathryn is not limited by her YIAH consultant agreement she should develop a dedicated Kitchen Kappers with Kathryn website incorporating a blog.
  • The daily recipe posts should be on the Kitchen Kappers website then included in Facebook status updates. Posting directly on Facebook is risky as the page can be removed at any time without notice. For greater understanding of online ownership read Sonia Simone’s article ‘The Most Dangerous Threat To Your Online Marketing Efforts.’
  • To increase market awareness in the Mt Isa area Kathryn should start regularly guest posting on local blogs.
  • Kathryn should incorporate video clips showing the ‘Kitchen Kappers experience’ into her content strategy. This allows viewers to get a feel for, hear and see Kathryn and her business. Testimonials from party attendees would be fabulous social proof for the business.
  • When writing for the blog Kathryn should add at least two pictures per post. Where appropriate the photos should show her YIAH parties including displays, Kathryn in action, and participants drooling over results.

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