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Knocked Flat? Get Back Up!

Do you ever feel like you are travelling along well, your business is growing nicely and then all of a sudden you get knocked down by a 2” by 4” plank of wood?

We all experience ups and downs in business. If you’re not, you don’t have a real business. Sometimes though the whack knocks you out cold.

I want to share with you my great online friend Kimberly Creagan’s story.

Kimberly is an amazing design and web talent, respected among peers and was growing a loyal following on Blossom Design Studio. So imagine Kimberly’s shock when she was contacted by an Australian business (Kimberly’s American) accusing her of trademark infringement and copying.

Through a blog comment no less.

Despite never having seen or heard of this business before, the need for immediate, significant change was thrust on Kimberly.

Joyful Roots was born.

Kimberly says “It came from a series of strange events and obstacles that were laid on my path as well as a determination to choose my own reaction to my circumstances.”

How’s that for spirit?

As Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”

Kimberly says that she is determined Joyful Roots’ mission will focus on bringing together like-minded people on a quest to magnify their sense of joy as they explore beautiful design, work-life fulfillment, and the cultivation of a brighter world.

Have you experienced some like this? I want to know your story. What has your business been knocked around by? How did you react? Is there something happening right now that I may be able to help with?

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Pic Source: 1. Kimberly Creagan 2. Ash Patel

2 Responses to Knocked Flat? Get Back Up!

  1. Caylie,
    Wow, thanks again for all the love and support you have been giving me and my new adventure!!! Having friends like you makes everything so much brighter! It means so much to me that you took the time to write about this…hopefully, my experience can help others who go through something similar or just have a rough patch they need to get through. With every negative, there is a greater positive if you choose to see it. 🙂 Lots of love!

    • So glad to share Kim!
      You are an inspiration and an example to us all in terms of dedication and persistence.
      I can imagine it was an almighty shock and probably knocked you a bit sideways.
      Wishing you every success!

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