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Last Chance Training Online Marketing Review…The 7th Day Of Christmas

Fit, fabulous and forty. Don’t we all want to be like that?

Liz Nelson has proven repeatedly in the fitness and well being fields that regardless of where you are now you should start and just keep going.

Online marketing is the same. You should start and learn along the way, continuously refining and innovating.

Like clients learning at Last Chance Training, Liz has accepted the opportunity to learn more about her online marketing efforts.

Effective Online Marketing Tactics Last Chance Training Is Using:

  • Consistent and frequent engagement of followers on Twitter.
  • Custom Twitter background.
  • Liz writes in a very strong voice on the Last Chance Training blog and is not afraid to upset readers. The result is the remaining readers have buy in and are loyal. There are also comfortable giving their opinions in the comments section.
  • Corporate branding is consistent throughout Last Chance Training’s various online efforts.
  • Almost daily status updates on Last Chance Training’s Facebook page.

Areas to change/improve:

  • Liz’s bio on Twitter could be updated weekly to keep it fresh and in the mind of followers.
  • ‘Resources’ and ‘Fine Print’ should be the final two menu items on Last Chance Training’s website.
  • Some pages on the website have large text blocks that need to be made more user friendly.
  • The profile picture on the Facebook page should include at least the Last Chance Training web address or Liz’s contact details.


  • Many of the Last Chance Training’s posts are timeless i.e. they are as relevant now as when they were first posted. Liz could revisit these posts in tweets in addition to promoting the most recent post.
  • To increase subscribers to the blog Liz should create an ebook or other info product that readers receive on subscribing.
  • The ‘Coaching’ and ‘Pilates’ pages on the website need to incorporate more images. Currently the large blocks of text aren’t easy to read.
  • A series of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ client stories would boost engagement of current blog readers while also encouraging new traffic due to clients profiled sharing links to their post.
  • LinkedIn is a potential source of growth for Last Chance Training given its population is generally professionals and business owners. Liz should develop a profile and link it with her website as her online coaching packages would appeal to this demographic.

Is Your Online Marketing Fighting Fit?

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