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Laundromat has brain – Further improvements

Does your local laundromat leave you feeling down?

You may remember my recent blog post about customer satisfaction and my local laundromat. Well, the business has made some further improvements that will increase loyalty and profitability.

If you are anything like me, you despise don’t like doing the washing. Again, if you are like me, the minute you decide to go to the laundromat all your coins seem to vaporise. They simply vanish into thin air.

Although it was a bit cheeky, unless I had specifically planned ahead, inevitably my better half would end up at the pokies across the road to get change.

I’m sure we weren’t alone and the pub owners must have been sick to death of it. Quite possibly the pub owners complained to the laundromat owners.  

I don’t know.

What I do know is this…there is now a coin machine in the laundromat that makes washing and drying so much more convenient. No longer do you have to visit somewhere else or madly save $1 and $2 coins to have the correct change.

The owners made another smart move by installing a vending machine. This increases the average customer spend per visit and improves the experience of the customer. Harried mums can enjoy a Kit Kat and time out while waiting for their laundry to finish. Busy tradies can grab a snack on the run while dropping off rags to be washed.

Finally, the machine maintenance is excellent. You can be assured of working washing machines and dryers when you visit.

So thank you to the anonymous owners of my laundromat, for clean washing, convenience and a fantastic case study. You’ve proven even a seemingly straightforward business can take simple actions and be miles ahead of the competition.

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