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Laundromat with brain = Customer loyalty

Business training, books and online resources bleat the importance of customer service. It will make your customers “happy” they say. The question remains though will those customers become loyal champions of your business? Is customer service enough? Will customer service set you apart from your competitors?

As a consumer, I think service is not enough. Plenty of businesses provide service. That alone won’t stop me from seeking alternative solutions. For me to become a loyal customer a business must provide total satisfaction.

Let me explain.

I live in a town with two laundromats, call them A and B (original I know). I started using the laundromats during a wetter than average winter to avoid my lounge room becoming a giant clotheshorse. I wasn’t fazed whether I used A or B. Both were clean so whichever was more convenient at the time was the winner.

Then it all changed.

The owners of laundromat A did something VERY clever that probably cost $10 and 15 minutes of their time. A sign appeared on one washing machine and a dryer that said “Use this machine for animal rugs.” In doing so, they solved a problem for animal lovers and non-lovers at once. Animal lovers no longer need to “sneak” their animal rugs in or feel guilty. At the same time, the rest of us feel reassured that our delicates are no longer mixing with animal hair.

So where do I dry my clothes?

I’ve only been to laundromat A since they put the signs up. While animal rugs may still go in the “wrong” machines, the owners have created a soothing perception of their business. Unless there is a major slip up, laundromat A is where I will stay.

What simple thing could you do to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty?

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