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Lessons Learned Sharing A Gift Via Twitter

Lessons Learned Sharing A Free Gift Via TwitterWhoops!

It seems I’ve created a bit of a commotion on Twitter.

Is it good or bad?

That’s simply a matter of opinion and everyone is absolutely entitled to an opinion but that’s not the focus of this post.

To give you a bit of background earlier this week I created a little gift for anyone attending Problogger’s PBEvent on the Gold Coast later this year.

Having attended four major blogging / online marketing conferences in the past two years I’ve learned that they are fantastic for gaining new ideas and connections that we often write copious notes about.

Here’s the issue…

How often have you attended a conference, departed super enthused and arrived home to not read your notes ever again or worse still, you make the effort to review only to realise you can’t read what you’ve written?

Those crazily scrawled notes as you attempted to catch every idea, concept and opportunity.

Do you know what I mean?

To help attendees avoid that same fate I created a template to write down the key learnings and actions to take following the session. The aim being the template would only take two minutes to complete so it was super helpful rather than something else you ‘should’ do.

With Problogger’s permission I shared it in the event page on Facebook. I also shared it within a couple of other Facebook groups. The feedback was really positive and people started clicking the link to access the template.

In terms of Twitter I began by direct messaging 18 people following me that I knew were attending Problogger. I also tweeted 17 people that I couldn’t direct message but knew were attending #PBEvent.

The results to date from private and individual tweets are as follows:

  • 3 people have favourite the tweet
  • 3 people tweeted the message (not retweets)
  • 1 person asked to share with their audience
  • 1 retweet
  • 1 inclusion in a edition
  • 10 tweets in reply thanking me for the tweet and/or the template
  • 1 negative reply from a person I tweeted
  • 2 negative replies from people I didn’t tweet
  • 20 people opting in to receive the template

So what lessons did these results teach me?

Lesson 1 

You won’t please everyone. It was never my intention to upset anyone but I did receive a small amount of negative feedback.

Lesson 2

The feedback I received on Facebook was very positive but less frequent in comparison to Twitter. The reason for this could be that the tweets were focused on individuals and rather than groups. The direct messages on Twitter were also personalised as I’m good friends with many of those contacted. 

Lesson 3

Creating a free offer that is relevant to the audience definitely increases engagement. Of the 35 people I contacted 20 have chosen to accept the offer. That’s a conversion rate of approximately 57%. Perhaps even Problogger himself would be pleased with such a conversion percentage…?

Can you share a similar experience? Have you ever received mixed feedback? How did you respond to it? Did you change your message or stop sharing on social media as a result?

P.S. If you will be attending Problogger and would like a copy of the #PBEvent Session Checklist template click here.

Problogger Free Opt In Gift For PBEvent Attendees

16 Responses to Lessons Learned Sharing A Gift Via Twitter

  1. The last time that I announced my Create From Your Female Center complimentary call I didn’t send to specific people on social media, instead I posted on my facebook page and did a few tweets. I do feel that sharing directly with people you know that you know will resonate with your message is important. Great reminder, thanks!

    • No problem Debbie!
      I can highly recommend direct messaging people you have a relationship with. Not only are they more likely to accept your offer, many will generously share with their tribe as well.

  2. Hmm, I’m not comfortable with the DMs – perhaps because I’m not a huge Twitter user, or even because I’m not comfortable in coming forward with my stuff.
    Although if I received a DM with a gift I’d be more likely to ignore it rather than give a negative reply.
    Negative feedback is a good opportunity to learn – and you never will please everyone!

    • Hi Jan,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I appreciate hearing a different perspective. I find DM’s great for sharing important information with specific people. If people have followed you it suggests they are interested in what you have to say and offer (unless they are simply following to try game the system). That said, this is the first time I have used it to promote an opt in offer and I wouldn’t do it too frequently. Interestingly none of the negative replies came from people I DM’d.
      Be sure to pop by again!

  3. I’m all for people sharing something with me if they think I’ll get value from it. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t resonate with an offer, but the majority will appreciate it 🙂 I got your template and I LOVE it!

    • Hi Marissa,
      Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m really glad you like the template.
      I’m also open to people sharing with me if they think it will help. Like Jan, I would ignore an offer I wasn’t interested in rather than give a negative reply (especially publicly).
      Cheers, Caylie

  4. i love and use facebook and pinterest often. however, i am still a bit hesitant to utilize twitter as much in my marketing efforts. just a personal thing – i don’t find it as intimate or intuitive as the other social media venues. this post helped to clarify a few questions that i’ve had though – perhaps you will see me tweeting more often after all. and i agree with a comment above – it is hard to completely avoid negativity. i think your stats were very good overall.

    • Hi April,
      Thanks for sharing your experiences. It took me a while to appreciate the structure and benefits of Twitter too.
      I look forward to seeing you tweet more and hearing how it goes.

  5. DMing seems so pushy to me. But you might be right, it’s time to get over it and get results!

    • Hi Trinidad,
      Thanks so much for sharing. I think a big part of DM’ing is how you write the tweet. If you already have a connection with the person and you tailor it specifically to them I think that makes all the difference.

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