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List Building And Lead Generation Not Working?

Improve Your List Building And Lead Generation

You’ve been working hard planning and creating for weeks.

Maybe even months.

You are so proud of your efforts.

You’ve hustled to get your opt in or offering done like your life depended on it.

Everything that everyone told you should do.

And it’s fallen flat.

Flatter than a pancake squashed under a boulder (because that was the obvious comparison to go with).

And now you are crying buckets of tears. You’re likely to explode into a crazy rage at anyone who dare comes within 100 yards. As for your dream of having a business, well, screw it because YOU ARE DONE.

Game over.

Except it’s not or at least it won’t be if you say it’s not.

Repeat after me… “It’s not over. Amazing results are on their way.”

It’s time to take action.

Step 1. Move away from the computer.

Put down the baseball bat. Dry those eyes. Everything will be fine and dandy, even awesome again. Just accept you’ve got a little work to do.

Step 2. Did you set goals prior to creating your offer?

Before you created your opt in incentive or offer did you set a goal for the outcome you wanted to create i.e. sell X copies by Y; have X people subscribe by Y.

How can you hit your target if you didn’t set a goal?

And don’t worry about what your peers are doing. We’ve talked about the evil influence of comparisonitis before.

If you did set a goal, well done you. If not, do it now.

Step 3. What are the benefits of your offer?

More specifically, what benefits will people receive if they opt in for your incentive or invest in your offer?

Are the benefits clearly aligned with the needs of your ideal audience?

Will they be inspired, informed and/or educated as a result of accepting your offer?

Getting absolutely clear on your value proposition is essential if you want to grow your subscriber list and convert leads.

If you can’t answer the three questions above you’ve found a disconnect that is preventing your ideal audience from subscribing or investing. Fix it.

Step 4. What format are you using to deliver your offer?

Teaching podiatrists a new treatment method? An audio recording probably isn’t your best option but video demonstration might be.

Creating an opt in incentive sharing how to choose an accountant? A checklist of questions to ask enables the prospective client to take the resource to the appointment.

It’s essential to match the format and delivery method to your target audience. Getting this right will lead to a much improved conversion rate.

Review this now.

Step 5. Are you driving quality traffic to your landing page?

It amazed me recently when an ‘expert’ spoke of buying traffic from ANY cheap country to boost likes as a form of social proof. Instead of investing in targeted traffic – people who are more likely to opt in or purchase your offering – they were happy to have anyone just so it looked good and others might be encouraged to invest.

To me this strategy seems to be the long way to nowhere good.

If you are trying to drive people who have little interest in your offering, you are wasting time and money. As a business owner you know just how valuable time and money are so use them in a smart manner.

Before you give up on list building and lead generation, identify exactly where your ideal clients hangout. This could be online, offline or a combination of both.

Once you’ve identified where they are, it’s time to invite your ideal audience over to your landing page. This could occur via social media, guest posts, video, speeches and more.

Step 6. Does your landing page speak to your target audience?

How can you refine your landing page so that your target audience better connects with your message and responds to your call to action?

Does the page include a frequently asked questions section? Does your headline need a change up? Do you share key benefits in a video?

Test, test, test. The more you test, the sooner you’ll achieve the results you seek.

Your Turn

It’s time to take action. No giving up now!

Work through each of the above steps and you should see an improvement in list building and sales conversion rates.

Tell me how you go in the comments section!

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5 Responses to List Building And Lead Generation Not Working?

  1. Great blog thanks Caylie. Really makes sense, I guess we often overlook the obvious when we think we’ve created an amazing product.
    But it doesn’t end there. That’s just the beginning. It’s in the marketing that we have to get creative. A very wise business coach taught me that!

  2. Great advice Caylie!
    One point I’d like to make on Step 5 though. That guru’s strategy sounds more like an SEO strategy rather than a list building one? I know that if Google see’s that people are sharing, tweeting and liking your articles they become more important to “The Google” Maybe that’s why he recommends that? Either way, it’s still pretty tacky. Nothing beats having people tweet and like your stuff genuinely 😉

  3. Excellent blog and such doable action items – insightful too. Enjoyed reading it and feel more confident now. Thank you Caylie xx

  4. Wonderful recommendations for everyone to keep in mind Caylie.
    I think many of us have gone through that “wanting to give up” stage – especially when first getting a business off the ground. I know I did & now I’m celebrating 25 years in biz for myself. Letting your prospects know the benefits of what they’ll get from you is definitely a big thing to remember. It’s about them and how you can help them. Thanks!

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