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List Building: Recommit For The Remainder Of 2014

List Building Recommit For The Remainder Of 2014The year is rolling by quickly. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, it definitely feels like time is passing more and more rapidly.

It’s essential that you check in with yourself and your business goals.

  • Did you meet your six month income goal?
  • Is your list growing as quickly as planned?
  • Is your business in alignment with your lifestyle preferences?
  • Are you on track for your twelve month goals or have you strayed from the path?
  • What skill must you develop or outsource to take your business to the next level?

You may have noticed last week’s post contained a video and transcript. Talk about a leap outside the comfort zone. Add the introduction slides and general editing completed; you witnessed a ‘throw myself off a cliff’ moment.

As you know, video is very valuable in building trust with potential subscribers and prospects. Stepping up in regards to video is but one way I’ll be up levelling my business in the second half of the year.

Was it as hard as I expected? No. Preparation and an extremely supportive friend were key.

The same goes for list building and client attraction.

If you’re nervous or overwhelmed about list building, be assured it isn’t as traumatic as your panicked mind thinks.

All you need do is develop the required knowledge, skills and implement.

Taking informed, consistent list building action will deliver you the results you desire.

Marry this with your sales funnel and you can achieve exactly as hoped by New Year’s Eve. What better opportunity to celebrate your success?

Knowing that effective list building and sales funnel conversions are key to building your income, freedom and impact; what are you going to do?

Will you be an owner who accepts responsibility for your results? Or play the victim and expect sympathy when you fail to reach your goals?

You could learn to be an expert list builder yourself. You could spend years testing and measuring what works. There’s a tonne of free information available in Google land. I wouldn’t be offended. I would wish you well.


You could hop, step, jump over the pack. You could be guided be my years of experience. My years of testing and measuring.

You could save 100s of hours and serious moolah. It’s up to you. Completely your call. But if and when you’re ready to get results fast it’s time we talked.

The new round of GO BIG List Building Mastermind starts next Friday 25th July. Learn how it will help you create greater income, lasting freedom and serious impact.

Don’t wait another six months wondering how to increase your bank balance and finally escape the rat race. Act now and you’ll thank yourself later.

Learn how.

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