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Why I Won’t Get Off My List Building High Horse

Why I Won't Get Off My List Building High Horse

Balboa Park is the most beautiful area in all of San Diego. Inspired by Spanish architecture, the many museums, water features and galleries throughout the park are simply divine. The thirty artist studios, the tea house even the walk from the car park were simply enchanting.

A beautiful friend recommended I visit Prado Restaurant while exploring Balboa Park and I’ll be forever grateful I did.

Sun bathed umbrellas shielded me from the harsh Californian sun while I enjoyed a sumptuous salad on the terrace. Soft music drifted through on the gentle breeze while the wait staff took care of my every whim.

If I could have moved into this paradise I would have left and returned with my worldly possessions by nightfall. Alas it couldn’t be so.

List building and client attraction made a visit to Balboa Park from Australia possible.

Words don’t do justice (nor my lack of photography skills).

That was just one of my magical days in the United States of America. I returned to Australia only ten days ago and yet before I caught my flight out of Phoenix I was planning my return.

There were so many highlights over my 29 days in America I struggle to choose a favourite. It’s like asking a parent to choose between children.

Kimberly Kling and Caylie Price met with Kim becoming web developer for Caylie's clients

Meeting and spending time with Kimberly Kling, my friend of four years and web designer to a number of my clients, was like catching up with a sister and best friend all rolled in one. Her adorable family welcomed me with open arms and love in their hearts.

I am so grateful to many people:

  • Salaam Willis – my roomie for the Rise Live
  • Robyn and Don – my buddies at both conferences
  • Rebecca Berggren, Mylinda Power and all my fellow BSchoolers I met on the West Coast
  • Rooby, Marlena and Anna

to mention just a few.

But why am I telling you all this? Why should you care? What difference does it make to you?

Because as the cliche goes, if I can do it anyone can.

Yes, it is possible for you.

You can go to America for a month if you want to.

You can stay home with your kids instead of going out to work if you want to.

You can drive a Range Rover if that’s your thing.

You can have all of that if you want to.

Building and monetising your list can and will do this for you IF you are prepared to work.

And when I say work I don’t mean labouring away for 18 hours a day for the next five years.

(You can do that if you want but there are less intensive ways to do it).

There are only four steps to growing and monetising your list:

  • decide on your strategy, tactics and develop a plan
  • commit to the plan and implement
  • review your results regularly and tweak
  • repeat the process

The key to success is knowing what ingredients should be incorporated into the recipe.

Most people aren’t prepared to commit to their path long enough to figure the ingredients out.

Most people would rather procrastinate than invest in the support and guidance that would shorten the journey to increased profit and return their investment many, many times over.

Most people said 2014 was going to be their year, the year they finally got ahead and achieved their goals. Lived their dream.

Most people were wrong.

2014 was and is my year. List building and client attraction have made it possible. It’s the year I left my job to focus on my business. It’s the year I was able to care for my grandmother when she broke her hip twice and she injured her shoulders. It’s the year I spent a month in the USA attending conferences I loved and exploring the West Coast I adored.

And that’s why I’m on my list building high horse.

Most people will say 2015 will be their year. Most will be wrong. AGAIN.

But not you and I.

You and I know building and monetising a list of potential clients is key to profitable business.

You and I are committed to our travels / families / health / wealth (whatever you choose) and we will reach, grasp and enjoy them.

I know.

I know because I am committed to helping you achieve the freedom of choice I’ve experienced this year.

Don’t wait any longer.

You are ready (despite what you might think) and I am here to lovingly teach, encourage, share, motivate, even kick your butt if I need to.

To get you on your way I have a gift for you.

Take it, study it, implement it.

But remember success isn’t achieved standing alone. The journey is much shorter and smoother when you are supported by someone who has been there done that and a community working towards the same goal.

With that in mind I created Lead Clover, the one day virtual workshop that’ll get your list building and client attraction sorted for 2015!

Imagine always knowing exactly where your next clients will come from.

Imagine breaking the feast or famine in 2015 for good.

Imagine having freedom of choice.

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