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List Building Or Traffic? Chicken Or Egg?

list building do you need trafficEvery so often I’m asked a fabulous question that immediately says write a blog post about me.

When Emma Veiga-Malta of My Bespoke Chair sent me her question I knew more readers would have the same question too.

Emma has recently created her stunning first opt in incentive ‘You & Your Beautiful Home: Tips & Styling Ideas.’ Seriously, when I say stunning well…whoa!

My Bespoke Chair opt in incentive

She asked,

“What are your thoughts about list building and existing traffic to site? Don’t you first need a steady flow of traffic to your site to build a list? Or is list building also about traffic building, in a roundabout way?”

Oh, it’s a bit like the old chicken and egg puzzle. What comes first? Chicken or egg?

The wonderful thing about list building is you can be prepared for and building your list before you even begin creating your website. Before working out your branding. Forget the perfect start, the perfect visual representation.

Failing all else, get a page up to collect subscribers as soon as possible. Is this a satisfactory approach? In the long run of course it’s not. You’ll need to create your website; add an opt in incentive; greatly improve your branding and much more but it’s a starting point. Right at the beginning of your business journey it’s better than nothing.

Now to answer Emma’s questions …

“Don’t you first need a steady flow of traffic to your site to build a list?”

Every visitor to your website is an opportunity to grow your subscriber list and convert those people to customers. – Click To Tweet

Don’t wait until you have a ‘steady flow’ of traffic before you enable visitors to opt in. ‘Steady flow’ is such a subjective term. To you it might mean 50 people on your website daily, to other business owners it could be 1000 visitors daily.

The first person to visit your site is someone who might subscribe to your list. Same goes for the second, third, fourth and 694,396th. The more targeted traffic you direct to your website and the better your conversion rate, the faster your list will grow and the higher quality it will be.

Work with whatever traffic you have and grow from there.

“Is list building also about traffic building, in a roundabout way?”

Absolutely. The beauty of having an engaged subscriber list is you can drive your people back to your website again and again (unlike those who don’t subscribe and promptly forget about your wonderful content or where to find you).

By directing your subscribers from your newsletter to your latest content and/or offerings you increase the number of opportunities for your work to be shared, particularly on social platforms.

Quite often your subscribers will share with people who have similar or complimentary interests to themselves. For example, if you offer fitness programs and content your subscribers are likely to have friends or contacts who are also interested in health living and fitness.

Sharing by your subscribers exposes your work to new audiences and encourages the growth of your subscriber list again. A happy little cycle don’t you think?

Do you need help creating your opt in incentive? Do you have an opt in and need help driving traffic to it? Does growing your business and attracting more clients light your fire but you aren’t sure how to go about it?

If that sounds like you, if you are ready to take your list building and client attraction to the next level, I’ve created something mind-blowingly amazing for you. Yes, I stand by that description.

It’s the GO BIG List Building Mastermind.

Go Big List Building Mastermind list building traffic


  • Knowing how to use your opt in to find actual paying clients?
  • Uncovering the exact format to create an opt in that resonates with your people so they beg to buy from you?
  • Creating a variety of opt ins that speak to different segments of your list so that you make more money with a small list?

GO BIG Mastermind has been designed for you. It will rocket your list building into the stratosphere. You’ll work with me and three fellow entrepreneurs for twelve weeks to transform your list building into a lean, clean subscriber machine.

If you’re sick of ‘hoping’ for subscribers, if you’re ready to act, GO BIG Mastermind and I are ready to work with you!

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2 Responses to List Building Or Traffic? Chicken Or Egg?

  1. Great insight, Caylie! I definitely recommend starting to build your list as soon as possible… even if it’s just names and e-mails on a physical sign up sheet at a networking event! : D

    Love & Prosperity,

    PJ Van Hulle
    Executive Director
    Real Prosperity, Inc.
    “Have Fun. Do Good. Make Money.”

  2. Thanks PJ! It’s important to note in Australia it’s a legal requirement to get double opt in from your subscribers. That’s why I love Aweber because it take care of that for me.

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