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Happy Clients

Aerlie Wildy's testimonial from client attraction coach Caylie Price of Better Business Better Life. When I first approached Caylie I was really lacking in confidence in my marketing, messaging and product offerings. I had had a really frustrating year, and know that something had to change if I was going to really make this work.

At the same time, I was really concerned about the pressure the investment would put me under. I was concerned that the products I had created and the knowledge that I had just wasn’t enough to make this work!

During the coaching, I felt supported and encouraged. It was great to have the consistent support, and as much hand holding as I needed to make some really significant changes to my business.

We covered a huge amount of content and strategy during our time together, and Caylie was patient when we needed to get into the basics, but was also strong and quick enough to push me to think bigger and more strategically.

When I first started with Caylie, I was struggling to make a consistent income – some months a few $100, and other months were stagnant. Within my first month of working with her, I had my biggest month yet, and then I continued to increase that from $1200 – until my final month I actually billed over $6,000 of work!

The structure of my business is now clearer for me, and although I have further work to do to establish this new structure, I have a clear plan and confidence about the direction it is going. My sales funnels are starting to convert, so that I can focus on working with my 1:1 clients and generate the leads that will sustain it. It feels so good to have a plan!

Aerlie Wildy, Online Organisation Coach & Systems Strategist 

I needed to work more efficiently and productively. I was hoping to create some processes or procedures instead of feeling like I am flying by the seat of my pants the whole time!

I felt a little lost in my onboarding process. Having worked with Caylie, I have greater direction and clarity on how to find more clients and keep them on board for the long term.

Now that I’m implementing the plans and processes Caylie helped me create, I’ve already seen an increase in new clients. Bookings are quicker and smoother, and I’ve had a much higher success rate all while charging a higher price!

I am lot more confident about my business and skills. My services and offerings are definitely more refined for new and existing clients. My business is more professional, I’ve found my niche, and my ideal clients are finding me easily – yay!

Caylie is incredibly approachable and friendly, super knowledgeable and an absolute professional. She knows her stuff! We had so much fun, investing with her was invaluable. Thank you Caylie for helping me find and define my brand’s voice again!

Samone Shepherdson, Samone Shepherdson Art + Design

FB Live to Thrive testimonial from Robyn McAlpine, Laser Effect and Skinside OutBefore working with Caylie I was nervous to hit the ‘go’ button. I didn’t have a clue what would come after I hit ‘record’ so it was easier to pretend that the Facebook Live thing wasn’t for me. What if I forgot to speak? What if I lost my train of thought? How do I end it?

Caylie helped me create a plan, a structure, a purpose. She helped me understand what to do each step of the way, taking the fear out of livestreaming.

The result?

On my very first Facebook Live I signed five new clients for my skin care clinic, reconnected with three past clients and sold a place in my premium online skin care program. That’s over $2,000 in sales from one Facebook Live.

Now, having worked with Caylie, I feel that I can confidently jump on to Facebook Live any time I feel that I have something valuable to share with my clients, knowing that it’s not as scary as I first thought!

Robyn McAlpine, Skintifix

FB Live to Thrive testimonial from Katie RyanI went through the FB Live to Thrive program in preparation for the second round of my list building challenge. It was so easy to go through and didn’t take long, I devoured it.

I did three Facebook Lives and my registrations were exactly triple the first challenge, which was awesome.

I’m no stranger to video but before this course, Facebook Live scared the pants off me. Caylie teaches you how to structure your Facebook Lives which I found really comforting.

The course has changed the way I do business and means I spend less on Facebook Ads.

Katie Ryan, Fertility Mentor

Marissa Roberts of Beautifully Organised made affiliate sales using Facebook Live.I’ve worked personally with Caylie getting my own Facebook Live videos up and running, and live streaming has been wonderful for both of my businesses – at Beautifully Organised with my busy mother’s community, and at Beautifully Organised Business with my Simple Business Facebook Group.

Thanks to FB Live to Thrive, I’m able to easily sell my passive programs for both audiences and I’m having fun at the same time. In fact, most of my sales come through them now and I can predict my cash flow. It’s simple, it’s easy, and I’m really enjoying it!

Marissa Roberts – Beautifully Organised & Beautifully Organised Business

I was scared to put myself ‘out there’ with Facebook Live and worried the tech side would be too hard but FB Live Foundations helped me become confident so quickly. The support after the workshop was way more than I expected too – usually you’re left hanging.

Now my page engagement is up at least 100% and the best part, sales have increased too. If you’re keen to increase visibility but nerves are holding you back, FB Live Foundations is definitely for you.

Angela Esnouf, The Professional Organiser’s Edge & Creating Order From Chaos

I signed up for the FB Live Foundations workshop because having a safe, supportive place to practice and test the tech was key for me. Caylie helped me experience just how easy going live is to accomplish. Interaction with current and past clients improved by close to 200%. Now my audience is watching and asking for more.

Sue Ryan, Organised By Sue

I used to be wrecked with fear in front of the camera and that was without considering livestreaming. Caylie’s expert knowledge and constructive feedback, along with the supportive FB Live Foundations group, made all the difference.

The tech hurdle is gone, I know what my audience wants to hear and sure I might get a little nervous at times, but I don’t let it stop me – in fact, I’ve embarked on a 21 Days of Thanksgiving challenge where I will be live for 21 days in a row. Thank you Caylie.

Rosanne Martin, Encouraged To Pray

I have always wanted to do Facebook Live but let’s be honest: just doing a normal video takes me four takes minimum. I stumble over my words, forget my train of thought and totally get side tracked.

Caylie is so warm and joyful however, and her simple suggestions and tips made it so easy to do a Facebook Live. I did my first Facebook Live the same day after speaking to her and I plan to do many more.

I can’t wait to start interacting with my clients on social media even more now.

Verity Mansfield, A Beautiful Truth

Lauren Maxwell, Headstrong Women testimonial for Caylie Price, Better Business Better LifeThanks so much Caylie. Your expert advice, particularly on effectively using Facebook Live has been invaluable.

As you know, I’m NOT a tech guru (at all)….but your straight forward advice, hints and tips were so easy to follow – you’ve certainly helped me add value to my business….and more than that – you’ve actually made me want to learn more 😉

I will keep bandying your name about to refer others, and will definitely be using your service again in the future!

Lauren Maxwell, Headstrong Women

Facebook Live testimonial from Joan RedmanI just wanted to drop in and say thank you for all the tips and advice around FB Live. I have started to use it in the last week with a promotion I am running and it feels great to share in such a honest and open way with my audience. Keep it up! I am getting so much value from the support you offer.

Joan Redman, Find Your Fit Food

Mary SaboCaylie is a dynamo when it comes to list building and creating content that converts. Working with Caylie not only gave me tangible results (I TRIPLED my list) but it also gave me a toolbox that would serve me long after the mastermind was over. I now know how to create killer opt-ins and have the skills to build my list in a multitude of ways, so it stays fresh for my subscribers and clients!

Mary Sabo,

Shirley-Anne JoyCaylie Price is a genius as a wordsmith! She edited an email going out to 68 contacts the day before my paid 11 Day Hugging The Female Body To Healing Challenge was to start (our first day working together) AND we’ve had 4 people pay in 3 days so far to join the challenge. That’s a sales conversion rate of 5.8% (sure beats the industry average of 1%).

Shirley-Anne Joy

Sally-And-Ryan-Malloy 175We recommend Caylie Price – list building mastermind, owner of Better Business Better Life and all round awesome woman! Working with Caylie to build our list and sales funnel we’ve had a 50% conversion rate since launching.

Sally & Ryan Malloy, Seven Creeks Grass Fed

Karlie Wilson 175Starting my own business was one of the most scary and exciting things I’ve ever done!

Being a holistic therapist meant that I needed to start my own business by default. Being aware that my skill is in helping people achieve balance in their personal lives and not in marketing and business strategy, I knew I needed help and Caylie came to my rescue!

I call Caylie my Angel Coach, we met synchronistically (best case scenario) and we quickly got to work together as it just felt right. I had zero direction before meeting her, I felt overwhelmed and googling the answers just confused me further.

Caylie provided me with practical ways to build my client base that was in alignment with my goals and personality. It was a blessing to have Caylie by my side walking me through the first 6 months of being in business; her authenticity, gentle nature but no BS approach really worked for me (i’m much the same).

I was able to build my client base quickly and now live my passion helping people have more fulfilling lives! Thank you Caylie!

Karlie Wilson, Open To Life

‪#‎shoutoutsundayRobyn 175 to Caylie Price for always being amazing!

Caylie has been a wealth of support as I’ve launched my online program not only as someone who I can vent my nerves to in the pre launch phase (and makes me feel better about putting myself out there for all to see/judge) but who knows all the technical ins and outs for building my list and growing my online presence.

Her business has helped me to build online strategies that have grown my business and is allowing me to kick some big goals!!

THANKYOU for everything you do behind the scenes to help me serve more women! Xoxoxo

Robyn McAlpine, Skintifix

Ca'Ath Meredith 175Caylie is totally authentic and cares about the journey you find yourself taking as an entrepreneur.  Her Lead Explosion program is results focused, and with Caylie coaching you along the way you are bound to achieve your goals.

While working with Caylie she will help you fine tune your sales pages and sales strategies. It is without any hesitation I would recommend you dive in and work with Caylie – you will not regret the decision.

Ca’Atherine Meredith, Fat Be Gone

Alana Dagwell

Caylie showed me that staying in contact with subscribers and customers is an essential part of online marketing. She gave me the exact email sequences to use and tips on the type of useful content to provide. Caylie has really demystified for me the elements of email marketing.

Alana Dagwell,

Natalia RealIn just 10 minutes, Caylie took me from confusion and haziness to clarity. I now have a stronger plan for the new freebie I’ve been working on that I wasn’t so jazzed about. Thanks to Caylie’s practical suggestions, my free offer will be restructured to reach a wider range of people, be more engaging, and provide more value — precisely what I need to boost my freebie-to-sales funnel and increase conversions. Brilliant.

Natalia Real, Website Superhero

Shae BaxterI worked with Caylie when I was launching a couple of new offers and to seek her expertise copywriting skills. I needed clarity around my offerings. Caylie is smart, knowledgeable and has a great understanding of online marketing and sales funnels. I couldn’t have asked for more. She really got me to see where and how I should spread my message and helped me to clarify my offering. Anyone considering an online marketing or business coach should speak to Caylie.

Shae Baxter

testimonial for Better Business Better LifeWorking with Caylie really made a difference in my list building results. She helped me pinpoint exactly what I had to offer that would make my readers want to opt in straight away. The best part was that I was able to take my existing content – a pre-existing webinar, popular blog posts etc and leverage them to get more opt ins without having to do any extra creation work. She helped me make a few simple tweaks to my copy that still used my tone but led to much higher conversions and as a result, my list is growing every day and my subscribers are engaged from the moment I send them their first email. I highly recommend working with Caylie!

Marissa Roberts, Beautifully Organised


Ca'Atherine Meredith 175If you have been considering working with someone to build your business I can tell you that Caylie Price is amazing, and you can’t go wrong. I guarantee even after one day with her you will begin seeing your business is a whole new light, and realise how accessible your dreams are.

Ca’Atherine Meredith, Fat Be Gone

Nancy Liddle SQI hired Caylie Price as copy writer for my new business website. She was able to transform my responses about potential clients into very persuasive reasons for seeking my services.

Her ability with words and facts is dynamic and flexible.  She included me in every step of the process so that I retained ownership of the pitch.

She also advised me on how to package and price my offerings so that my clients receive maximum value while I gain excellent financial reward for expertise invested. Talk about the perfect balance and long term business strategy.

Caylie was always open to my requests and needs and handled things with grace, humour and alacrity.  I’d use her again in future, no question!

Satisfaction guaranteed with this lady.

Nancy Liddle, Mrs Write

I needed help and direction with the content for marketing my website. The one on one coaching sessions really helped me gain clarity in what content I required.

Caylie was supportive, a great listener and full of great ideas and tips. Her editing skills and gentle suggestions made the process easy. Tasks were set between sessions, and it was great to be pushed along.

Having that regular contact with Caylie took my website to another level, appealing to my client and the content and flow was brilliant. Thanks to Caylie’s marketing knowledge and creativity I feel my business can grow.

Linda Marshall, Funeral Celebrant

Nicole Leedham

As a busy freelance writer, there are times when I just can’t squeeze in another job, but I don’t want to let down a client. This is where Caylie comes in. Either through subcontracting, or a direct referral to Caylie, I know that my clients will get quality marketing material – blog posts, e-mail auto-responders, newsletters – that fits the brief perfectly. Caylie is prompt, responsive, friendly and professional – everything that I and my clients expect. I would happily recommend Caylie for a wide range of writing services, noting that her greatest strength, however, is in short-form, punchy material.

Nicole Leedham, Black Coffee Communication

Karlie Wilson 175I love Instagram but my unique message wasn’t coming across to potential clients, it was more of a way to express my ideas and thoughts, I wasn’t looking it as a business tool. Creating ideas to post on Instagram that would attract my ideal clients was really tough.

After about 7 days of implementing the strategy Caylie taught me, my followers have increased by about 50 and I’ve already picked up a new client. Thanks Caylie!

Karlie Wilson, Open To Life

Josephine DuiganFor a while I have been wondering if I am communicating efficiently with the local communities I work in.  After spending time talking over my concerns with Caylie, I now have two new key strategies / communication tools to put in place.  I am looking forward to increased productivity for my time spent.  I also had the opportunity to use Caylie as a sounding board with regard to how I prioritise short and long term projects. Her feedback gave me confidence to continue with my current work plans.  Thank you Caylie.

Josephine Duigan, SEGRA 

Eleanore StrongHi Caylie!

Thanks again for the session last weekend. I really enjoyed meeting you!

I want to thank you for suggesting that I start off with some coaching to bring money in. Since so many people (in the B-school community and elsewhere) seemed so intrigued with my process for creating a 30-day video series in one week, I decided to offer 10 free consultations to help folks map out the path to creating their own opt-in offers.

Within two hours, all 10 of my sessions were booked. I couldn’t believe it! I have completed 5 of the 10 sessions now, and ALL have been amazing.

And thank you AGAIN for encouraging me to do some coaching. I wouldn’t have done this if it hadn’t been for your suggestion!

All the best, Eleanore

Eleanore Strong, 

Sandra RossHad a great heads-together strategy session with Caylie Price – awesome investment of time! Am delaying the start date of my program to give time to change some marketing strategies and make more sales. Did I say – investing time with Caylie was an awesome way to spend $? 🙂

Note: Sandra sold her first package within 24 hours of this session.

Sandra Ross, Body Bliss Central

Better Business Better LifeTestimonial - Ann Crow

Amanda DaleyI had the pleasure of working with Caylie recently while preparing to launch my ebook. She took care of the entire process from setting up an eJunkie account, integrating it with Pay Pal and getting it up for sale on my site. I would’ve spent so much time figuring out all of these intricacies myself, so I am very grateful for the professional and efficient support I received. I look forward to working with her again and would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Amanda Daley,

Brittany Hammond 175Caylie is a lifesaver! I’m not at all a tech-saavy person, but yet I had a ton of resistance to outsource some of my work. Caylie was there every step of the way and went above and beyond. Even after she helped set up my mailchimp, ejunkie and affiliate links, she remained present and answered my (several) questions. I felt really supported and appreciated her patience and encouragement along my journey. My advice: don’t do it alone! Hire Caylie!

Brittany Hammond, Untamed Revolution

Better Business Better Life Testimonial Renee Wallace

Caylie was recommended to me when I was looking for someone to run a social media workshop for practitioners at my health collective.

Before the workshop, they were very slow on the take up of social media – I’d been trying to get them interested for years and was starting to feel like a broken record.

Caylie was professional yet approachable and had a fresh perspective that stopped them being scared of using social media for their business!

I would absolutely recommend attending a Better Business Better Life workshop or having Caylie host one at your next event.

The way I saw the penny drop for my practitioners was amazing. Expect great results!

Lucy Ellis, Newcastle Health Collective

Amy Hoggan 200Caylie from Better Business Better Life provided a series of three workshops on Facebook and Email Marketing for Small Businesses in the Glenelg Shire. It was a resounding success.

Caylie was so flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of the target audience and the required outcomes of the program delivery, I felt confident in her ability to deliver. Coordinating the program in partnership with Caylie was a breeze.

The program attracted more participants than could be catered for due to the practical, hands on experience provided by Caylie and her amazing skill set plus engaging teaching style. Participants were arriving earlier for each session and wanting to stay longer due to their enthusiasm and drive to put Caylie’s teachings into practice!

The feedback received from participants has been fantastic, so much so that we have booked Caylie to come again in September.

Amy Hoggan, Glenelg Shire Council

Katie Ryan

Before the Facebook Boost Workshop I was always stressing over what to post on my page and how to get people to engage. The workshop gave me so many ideas for content and how to get organised so Facebook doesn’t take over my life. Now I feel organised and am once again enjoying running my page. Thanks Caylie.

Katie Ryan, Fertility Mentor

Caylie presented a “Getting Clients Online” workshop for me and it was terrific. It attracted a huge audience and all the participants came away with new skills and knowledge.

The best part of the day was the way Caylie was able to get everyone involved during the day. The enthusiasm, sharing and excitement generated made the day so successful. Caylie also has a super understanding of the topic and was able to help those that already had a good knowledge as well as those that were more at the start of their business.

I also found Caylie excellent to work with through the organising period. Nothing was too much trouble and she tailored the course to suit the target audience.

The participants feedback was excellent and confirmed the positive outcomes achieved.

Peter Johnson, Business Development Officer at Southern Grampians Shire Council

Gerri Torpy - Tourism and Events Officer, Glenelg Shire CouncilDear Caylie,

Thank you for facilitating the recent Digital Business Workshops in the Glenelg Shire.

The workshops on social media and online topics of TripAdvisor, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Search Engine Optimisation were very well received and enabled participants a real insight into these online platforms. Participants took away considerable new marketing knowledge that they felt would greatly assist them in their businesses in the future.

Your insightful session on TripAdvisor was particularly useful for those in the tourism and events industry.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kind regards,

Gerri Torpy, Tourism & Events Officer at Glenelg Shire Council

Dianne Stewart testimonial for Better Business Better LifeI would just like to say that I really enjoyed the online marketing workshop.  It was great to be in a room full of excitement and enthusiasm. The business networking that was going on in the room in addition to the skills and knowledge being delivered was amazing. I do not think there was a person in the room who did not walk away with new skills and knowledge in regards to Facebook (and there were a few there with a great deal of knowledge to begin with).

I look forward to the remainder of the workshops, which not only are providing me with an opportunity to learn more about online marketing, but also the opportunity to think about, map and focus what I do as a business.

Again thank you for this opportunity.

Dianne Stewart, Voice Drama and Writing Coach

This is the second time we have done training with Caylie and once again she delivered the information in an easy to understand way with great notes to take away for future reference.

Susie & Lynda, Portland Arts Centre

jenny-taylor-175Prior to the Profit Rocket Planning Party, I was feeling a little apprehensive because I “sort of” knew what I wanted to achieve and didn’t really know how I was going to get there.

The party was excellent. It was great to be able to go through a logical process and ask questions along the way of Caylie.

Caylie also had some additional ideas and suggestions for me to think in terms of automating marketing and how to get the numbers through the funnel. It was also great to be at the party with other great business women going through the same process.

I feel really excited and comfortable about having a detailed plan that focuses me on the right activities.

The task doesn’t seem too huge now with a weekly plan in place. Following this plan will give me a much better chance at actually hitting my financial goals for 2017.

Thanks Caylie!

Jenny Taylor,

anna-banksBefore the Profit Rocket Planning Party, I was already really excited about 2017. I had so may ideas that I want to share with the world however my organisation leaves a little to be desired and I was feeling overwhelmed at how I was going to achieve it all and increase my income.

The planning party was great. Being able to ask questions as we worked through the workbook was really useful and as always Caylie was generous with her advice. Working through it step by step allowed for some reality checks as well as some ah ha moments.

As a result of the planing party, I have a clear course of action to keep me to track and take the overwhelm out of planning what I need to do each week. I’m even more excited for 2017 now, I really feel I can achieve all the things I would like to and take my business to a whole new level of success.

Anna Banks

Diana Milnes testimonialWow, Caylie. Thanks for a real eye opening Profit Rocket Planning Party.

I’ve always been ‘last minute’ when it comes to my business. I knew I needed to plan if I wanted to move forward in my business. I just wasn’t sure how to go about putting a plan together or how to implement it.

That changed after your planning party!

I can’t believe how much we covered in the workshop and how confident I feel about the next 12 months.

I now have clear plans on how to reach my money goals and I have an outline of what will be happening in my business for the whole year. And it’s broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks that will be easy to schedule and implement.

No more overwhelm or last minute for me.

Diana Milnes, Restore Beauty and Wellness and

shirley-anne-joyI was feeling a little scattered about 2017 and unsure of a way forward and what direction to take and really needed clarity vision and direction.

The party was FUN with loads of time to actually WORK on the plan. I liked the 10 step-by-step actions and it was exciting to see what actually IS POSSIBLE for my business in 2017 with a little bit of planning and preparation

I feel like there is so much more to do and to implement but now I have a plan thanks to you Caylie.

This is the foundation on which to build on moving forward into 2017. I am happy that I participated and know that this Profit Rocket Planning Party will grow my business substantially in 2017.

Shirley-Anne Joy

Katie RyanBefore the Profit Rocket Planning Party I would groan at the thought of 2017.

I knew I had to plan things out for my business but it seemed like such a huge job and it was just too overwhelming to even begin.

The party was fantastic!

It was great being able to see everyone and ask questions as they came to mind. The workbook made an overwhelming task easy because I only had to focus on one question at a time.

By the end, it all came together so beautifully. Caylie was great at making sure we were all heard and on track.

Post party I feel excited about 2017. I’m keen to tweak and finalise my plan. Not only to I have goals for 2017 now but I have a plan to achieve them and it feels completely do-able.

Katie Ryan, Fertility Mentor

Felicity O'DonohueI’m loving your ‘Testimonials That Sell’ guide, Caylie.

I just finished working with a client and asked straight away if she would be happy to give a testimonial and her response was ‘Absolutely.’

I’ve sent an email her way using her swipe file and it’s never been easier to collect testimonials.

Thank you.

Felicity O’Donohue, Social Kitty

Sally Headshot 300I feel really uncomfortable asking my precious customers for testimonials. I bought your guide yesterday and used one of your ‘swipe files’ to help draft an email to a few of my regulars. Guess what?! I already have three fabulous testimonials sitting in my inbox. Best money I’ve spent all month. Thanks Caylie xx

Sally Elmslie, Fat Heifer

Robyn McAlpine 175Such a great tool for getting those testimonials that we all have but never get around to collecting. Clients tell me all the time about how my services have changed their life but it was always in passing comment. Caylie has made it so easy to get testimonials in writing, so I’ve been able to use the beautiful things people have to say about my business to show other potential clients what they can achieve too.

Robyn McAlpine, Skintifix

Ann Maree Jones 175I approached Caylie to purchase her testimonial kit which I believed would assist me in writing one for a colleague.

Caylie’s enthusiasm for her product made me realise it was a product I needed to utilise in my own business to request testimonials from my own clients; something I was not currently doing.

The product has given me valuable insight into various ways of requesting and utilising testimonials to grow my business. I now feel much more skilled and confident in this area. Thanks Caylie.

Ann Maree Jones, Body Wise Balance

Diana Milnes testimonialI was hesitant to ask my clients for testimonials, but following the steps in ‘The Hassle Free Guide to Testimonials that Sell” made it easy and comfortable. It only takes a few minutes once it’s set up, but has a fabulous response rate.

I’m now getting the testimonials and feedback that I need to help grow my business and my clients don’t feel pressured into providing something ‘on the spot’.

If you want the social proof that testimonials provide and the sales that come along with that then I suggest you get your copy now and get started!

Diana Milnes, Restore Beauty and Wellness and Diana