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Made By Rose Online Marketing Review…The 8th Day Of Christmas Giveaway

The rise of mumpreneurs has become impossible to ignore over the past couple of years. Where in the past the efforts of hard working mums may not have been recognised, these women now have a voice and are a force to be reckoned with.

Rose Davidson is a passionate, crafting mumpreneur. She says:

I started making cards and dioramas as a hobby for family and friends. Some of my friends were so impressed with my work they encouraged me to start selling my products – thus in 2009, ‘Made By Rose’ was born.

Rose is ready to take her business to the next level with online marketing. Here is the review:

Great online marketing Made By Rose currently does:

  • The Made By Rose Facebook presence has a new ‘Welcome’ page with built in shop.
  • Photo albums on Facebook are well named and include a cover image. This helps likers when they are searching for particular product lines.
  • The info page is very detailed and ensures transparency in transactions with clients.
  • Made By Rose’s Etsy store has branding consistent with Facebook.

Areas to change/improve:

  • The Facebook status updates need to include more product images and videos.
  • Made By Rose’s Etsy store has 100% positive feedback but it is all for purchases Rose has made from other sellers.
  • The Etsy store doesn’t have any listings.
  • The website has not been completed.


  • The Made By Rose website needs to be completed. Not only does a ‘half started’ website look unprofessional, not having a website makes Rose extremely vulnerable to Facebook’s whims. The Made By Rose Facebook page could be taken down at any stage without prior notice.
  • Pinterest would make a fantastic promotional tool for Made By Rose. Rose could build boards with each containing a full outfit to match with one of her products i.e. an outfit for the races including a Made By Rose fascinator. This would showcase Rose’s products as well as increase brand awareness through the pinning of other crafters’ creations.
  • Rose should send all new Facebook likers a private message thanking them for the like and including a call to action such as subscribe to a Made By Rose newsletter, enabling Rose to collect subscriber details while the website is being completed.
  • Rose would benefit from guest posting and commenting on craft and creative sites such as Scoutie Girl, Epheriell Designs and Indie Biz. These websites have large followings and target the same audience as Made By Rose.
  • The Made By Rose Etsy page needs to have recent listings on it at all times if it is to rank well in searches and result in sales. Rose should also participate in the Etsy Forums to learn more tips and tricks as well as increase brand awareness.

How Can You Apply These Ideas To Your Online Presence?

Have you been reading the 12 Days Of Christmas series?

Some of the best ideas and strategies come from examples outside of your field of expertise. I’d love to hear how you’ve applied your learning. Please share with me in the comments.

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