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Make Your Customers’ Day – Fish!

Do you bounce out of bed each morning excited about the day ahead? Or do you wake up and have to drag yourself out of bed knowing the work day that lies ahead?

Do you love what you do? Or is resentment building within you?

Fish! tells the story of a fictional manager in a financial institution working to transform a chronically poor performing team into an enthusiastic success.

The fictional path is combined with the example of the real Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.


The story examines the four pillars of the Pike Place Fish Market team ethics which are:

1. Choose your attitude. “There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself.”

2. Play. You can be serious about your work and still enjoy fun in the workplace.

3. Make their day. Look for ways to make your customers’ and colleagues’ day memorable and most enjoyable. Engage with them and include them in the fun.

4. Be present. Whatever you are working on or whoever you are talking with be fully engaged and focused on them.


The best features of Fish! were:

– The lessons in Fish! are clearly articulated using a parable to explore them.

– What is better than reading a story that make you feel like you are there and allows you to learn at the same time?

– The story demonstrates the lessons with examples that apply to both internal and external customers.

– It’s a great, quick read.


You will enjoy the story and gain lots of ideas for improving your workplace. Definitely buy.

Photo credit: Pike Place Fish Market

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