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Get Your List And Lead Generation Travel Ready

How To Organise Your List Building And Lead Generation While On The RoadIt doesn’t seem real. I keep having to pinch myself. Or at least I would if I wasn’t being constantly inundated with ‘have you booked X, Y, Z questions?’ (Which I love by the way. Don’t think that was a whinge).

In case you’re wondering what I am on about…

Earlier this week after four years in my current role I resigned from my corporate job to focus wholeheartedly on helping business owners build their lists and convert leads to customers; as well as travel the US and Canada for 4.5 months before going who knows where.

I’m absolutely beyond excited.

I LOVE working with my current clients and can’t wait to help more business owners achieve their dreams of serious business growth.

The countdown is on for finishing up at work (Feb 28th) and flying to San Fransisco (Mar 6th).

All this of course begs the question ‘what about your business?’

What about it indeed. Fortunately I have a head start as I work mostly online with my clients already. Skype is a marvellous thing.

Living in one location affords some luxuries though that I won’t have while travelling such as fast internet with almost to unlimited upload and download quota. Also, I’ve only had one changing time zone to deal with not two, three or four.

There will be challenges but they will absolutely be outweighed by the positives. Massively.

That said here are the things I’m doing to prepare my list building, lead generation and business in general for the road.

List And Lead Management

Planning my list and lead building plus content in advance means that I won’t spend all my time working while I’m overseas and can batch work if needed.

My planner and tracker helps me get absolutely clear on the actions required each month to continue to grow my business. Aweber, my email management service, allows me to schedule everything in advance making business and travelling so much easier.

Further, having autoresponders in place means that I can provide further value to new subscribers as well as increase their awareness of the products and services I offer. Opportunities for passive income right there!

Time Management

First and foremost, I’ll be using the World Clock Time Converter to work out the difference in time zones, particularly important when scheduling one-to-one coaching sessions with clients in advance and moving through a variety of time zones.

For prospects wanting to discuss working together I will be using TimeTrade to enable them to schedule their own discovery session. This means they aren’t waiting for me to respond to emails if I’m flying or sightseeing. At just $49 per year TimeTrade is a bargain given time saved and that it integrates with Google Calendar.

File Management

The last thing you want while travelling is to be carting a variety of USBs, paper files and hard drives. The less weight on your back the better so you should keep one copy of everything on a hard drive and another copy in the cloud.

Dropbox is my best friend when it comes to cloud based storage. Simple to use Dropbox is fantastic for accessing files from any location; it automatically copies files from your hard drive and shares large files that email can’t.

How Would You Prepare?

Now you’ve got snapshot of what I’m doing to prepare my business for growth while I’m travelling overseas.

I’d love to hear from you.

Have you traveled overseas while growing a business? What tips and tricks would you suggest?

If you haven’t traveled yet, what would be your dream destination?

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  1. congratulations, caylie – and welcome to the nomadic life! thanks for the great tips too.

    as far as staying connected via sessions with clients, skype and vonage have been my best global friends (crystal clear in both argentina and paraguay). and verizon’s international data plan was definitely worth the cost to me while traveling through europe last fall.

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