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Online Business Investment – A Waste Of Time?

Have you ever had to defend your commitment to e-business? Anyone doubt the value of your online marketing efforts? Do you question whether or not social media is a waste of time?

If you were ever unsure of whether to invest in online activities this chart should clear the matter up for you. Look at the internet economies’ contribution to each of the listed countries’ GDP and you might think that the percentages are quite low.

Before you log out and switch off the computer though, refer to the far right on the chart…

Every country is expected to have the online world contribute a greater percentage of GDP by 2016. Did you take that in? The value of the online world is only going to increase.

So as consumers spend more online who do you think they will trust more?

The business with a short online history making a half-hearted effort? Or the business with an established, consistent online history; a respected strategy and an excellent reputation?

Thought that might be your answer.

Now ask yourself: what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to sit back and observe the growth? Or will you be in the thick of it, working harder and smarter to capture a larger slice of the pie?

Tell me about your online business plan in the comments. Make the commitment now.


4 Responses to Online Business Investment – A Waste Of Time?

  1. Hi Cailey, of course that I wont sit back and see how other people cut the melon and enjoy it. I have to be there, at least, in that 5.6% for US. In this moment I have not product or my self but I have some other people’s product and I hope they will give an slice of the melon.

    • Hi Juan,
      As long as you truly believe in the products you are promoting I’m sure you will capture a slice of the melon.
      It was interesting to see how far ahead the UK was compared to the US. I must admit it surprised me. I’d be interested in the reasons behind this.
      Thank you again for your comments!
      Cheers, Caylie

  2. even if germany has only 3% by now … i want a big slice of that cake.
    it is a market that is growing … to be successful today you have to active in the online and offline world … so why not give it a try!

    • Hi Helen,
      You are a wise woman! We definitely shouldn’t forget the offline world. Our goal should be to maximise our success in ‘both worlds.’
      Glad to see your chasing the cake, possibly the cherries on top too ;o)
      Cheers, Caylie

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