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Online Entrepreneur Fitness: All About Your Forearms

Recently this blog has featured a series of super easy stretches for people sitting at a desk all day.

Today the focus is all about your forearms.

Would you like your arms to be flexible like a monkey?

It’s really important to stretch the forearms when typing or writing for a long period of time. Without stretching or having a break from the computer it can cause the muscles to tighten which may lead to overuse injuries.

The following stretches are for the flexors and extensors. Flexors are the group of muscles on the underside of the forearm and the extensors are the group of muscles on top of the forearm.

Flexors can be stretched by straightening the arm and gently pulling back on the fingers.

Extensors can be stretched by straightening the arm and gently pulling the fingers back towards the wrist.

Could these stretches be any simpler? Give them a try.

If you’d like more short, smart stretches try the hamstring stretch and rhomboid stretch (shoulders).

Disclaimer: Neither Freya Price or Peter Tcheng will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising/stretching at your home, gym or elsewhere. Consult a doctor before starting any exercise/stretching program.

About Freya Price Peter Tcheng

Freya Price and Peter Tcheng each have Certificate IV in Personal Training through the Australian Institute of Fitness. They enjoy Crossfit, a combination of strength and power training with cardiovascular conditioning. It's SUPER intense! Peter trained soldiers for a number of years, conditioning them to deal with the rigors of the army. Freya has a Diploma of Remedial Massage. They love to train clients in functional fitness, with exercises prescribed to strengthen and increase endurance in muscle groups that are used in everyday life.

5 Responses to Online Entrepreneur Fitness: All About Your Forearms

  1. Stretching feels sooooo good, yet unfortunately it often gets categorized as “stuff I should do”, and then doesn’t get done.

    Thank you for reminding me not only to do this, but how pleasant the experience is.

    • Hi Tammy, Sara & Marissa,
      Amazing how we ignore these simple but essential actions until something starts aching.
      Plenty more super simple stretches to come.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope you’re getting some relief.
      Cheers, Caylie

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