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Online Entrepreneur Fitness: Crush Back Pain

Are you an online addict? Does your partner make snide remarks about ‘not that b!(#*@ computer again’?

Sitting at a computer all day severely strains your muscles even if you have the world’s best posture. It’s essential to stretch. To make time to move about.

When you’re working like crazy to meet a deadline or totally absorbed in a fascinating project though it’s hard to force yourself to exercise.

Enter the Online Entrepreneur Fitness series!

Freya Price and Pete Tcheng will be sharing super effective and simple exercises over the next six weeks to prevent you from becoming the shape of your desk chair permanently!

Stretch 1: Hamstrings

When sitting for long periods of time at the desk our hamstrings are in continual contraction.

This can shorten the muscle and lead to the hamstrings pulling on the lower back causing discomfort; hence it’s important to stretch.

*Try setting an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you throughout the day to get up and stretch.

1. Stand with one leg in front of the other. Toes of the front leg pointing up like this:


Hamstring Stretch Initial Stance, Front View


Hamstring Stretch Initial Stance, Side View

2. Bend the back knee and place enough weight on the front leg to feel a stretch through the back of the extended leg.

Hamstring Stretch Second Stance, Front View
Hamstring Stretch Second Stance, Side View

3. Hold each stretch for approximately 20 seconds then change legs. Repeat 2-3 times.

There you have it. As easy as that.

Go on. Before you read any further get up and stretch those hamstrings right now!

A big thank you to Freya (one of my three gorgeous sisters) and Pete for sharing with us.

Do you feel better now?


Disclaimer: Neither Freya Price or Peter Tcheng will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising/stretching at your home, gym or elsewhere. Consult a doctor before starting any exercise/stretching program.

About Freya Price Peter Tcheng

Freya Price and Peter Tcheng each have Certificate IV in Personal Training through the Australian Institute of Fitness. They enjoy Crossfit, a combination of strength and power training with cardiovascular conditioning. It's SUPER intense! Peter trained soldiers for a number of years, conditioning them to deal with the rigors of the army. Freya has a Diploma of Remedial Massage. They love to train clients in functional fitness, with exercises prescribed to strengthen and increase endurance in muscle groups that are used in everyday life.

4 Responses to Online Entrepreneur Fitness: Crush Back Pain

  1. I do need to make a regular effort to get up and move – otherwise my ankles and feet swell and I can’t get my shoes on! I do spend far too long at the comp.
    Thanks for the illustrated exercise – I’m off to stretch now!

    • Hi Jan,
      How did you go stretching those hamstrings? Find a bit of tension?
      Be sure to check each Sunday for the latest post of the Online Entrepreneur series.
      Thanks for your comment!
      Cheers, Caylie

  2. Hi Peter,

    “…the shape of your desk chair permanently!” LOL… that was hilarious. When I start to work online I didn’t pay too much attention to the way I was sitting. And after a while as you can guess I started to look and feel like my desk chair. When I started to feel back pain for the first time, I started to understand what I am doing to my body. I must admit that today stretching is a very important part of my day to day routine. Thank you so much for this great post.

    Wish you a wonderful day,

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