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Pink Apple Online Marketing Review…The 1st Day Of Christmas

Outrageous extravert.

How often have you heard someone call themselves that? Chris Owen of Pink Apple does.

At Pink Apple, Chris shares the secrets of successful relationships. If you’re a person who’d like a better relationship with your partner then Chris is the person to talk to. This post isn’t about Chris’ products and services though. It’s a review of Pink Apple’s online presence and marketing efforts with recommendations to boot.

After being selected Chris left a comment on the blog saying:

“Go your hardest and find lots of probs. I’m about to do [a] total revamp so comments on what or how you’d like to see it would be great!!”

Not one to baulk at a challenge from Chris here are the results.

Great online tactics Pink Apple currently employs: 

  • Consistent colours, logo and heading thoroughout various platforms meaning the reader knows they are in the right place.
  • Pink Apple’s Facebook page has a shop within allowing likers to purchase ebooks.
  • Social media buttons are displayed on the Pink Apple website.
  • The top banner and left column clearly display the concept behind Pink Apple.
  • Chris writes blog posts with a unique sense of humour and includes video. This will appeal to readers while the videos will assist with search engine ranking.
  • Chris has a profile on LinkedIn which is really well developed and includes links to her presence on other social platforms.
  • Continued guest posting at The Calm Space will send further traffic to Pink Apple.


Areas to change/ improve:



  • The Facebook profile picture is important real estate and it’s customisation options should be used.
  • Recent status updates have been very focused on food not relationships.
  • The row of pictures across top of the wall aren’t being used effectively. They could be promoting services using calls to action.
  • The ‘Shop Now’ link in the left menu needs to be nearer the top.
  • The ‘Notes’ page is not being used and should be removed.



  • The Sunrise Family Business badge should be removed from the home page as it doesn’t add value for the readers.
  • The text isn’t well spaced – perhaps an image of a woman juggling balls, each mentioning content of bullet points currently listed in three words or less. If this was done, need to remove mojo heart.
  • Increase the size of the social media buttons.
  • It isn’t clear what action the reader should take.


  • Chris should continue to post videos and host guest bloggers.
  • Quality of post content is essential to readers. Quality AND frequency of posts assists blogs be indexed and raked higher in search engines. More regular posts would assist Pink Apple.


  • Very few tweets mention other tweeps; an important strategy to increase follower engagement.


  • Chris’ profile on LinkedIn needs to be regularly reviewed and maintained to ensure information is current.
  • Need to remove Take A Bite link.



  • Develop Facebook profile picture that includes the Pink Apple logo, a photo of Chris, bullet points about Pink Apple and contact details.
  • Need to focus the key messages Pink Apple wants to communicate to readers, on Facebook and the website, including the next step they should take.
  • Develop a content strategy for the blog and commit to it. This should include the key themes, posting schedule, guest blogger contributions and a list of post ideas.
  • Engagement with readers/followers needs to increase. Chris should choose a goal relating to engagement for Pink Apple, create a strategy and implement it. Conversation is critical to marketing success.
  • Increase the use of video across the social platforms. Chris could create her own videos as well as link to other great clips.

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