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Pinterest Capturing Your Attention?

Pinterest, the sexy new social platform, is currently receiving 10,000,000 visitors per month and is most popular with females. That said, even Mark Zuckerberg has an account (although this might be perceived as spying on his competition).

Can you afford to ignore the latest craze?

Today I thought I’d share an infographic from Statista that compares the average length of visits to the various social platforms.

As you can see people spend more time on Pinterest than they spend on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined.

So must you join Pinterest?

Well, that all depends on the audience you are targeting.

Pinterest has very obvious benefits for B2C (business to consumer) organisations. What better way to showcase your products and Pinterest is such a shareable platform.

What is less clear is how B2B (business to business) service providers will use Pinterest. If you follow the social discussions no-one seems to be able to answer how Pinterest adds value to B2B relationships.

One idea that can benefit any business however is the concept of storytelling through Pinterest. Have a look at Visit Savannah Georgia‘s boards for a great example.

The Visit Savannah Georgia boards allow you to get a feel for the experience you can expect. The beautiful surrounds, the stunning weddings, the culture and even the mouth-watering treats. (Oh how I would like to eat that cheesecake right NOW!)

Anne Reuss is also working her ‘pinning’ well. Anne is seeking full time work and uses Pinterest to demonstrate her communication philosophies as well as her social media expertise. Notice the custom board names?

Pinterest isn’t without risk.

According to the Boston Business Journal, Pinterest’s service agreement gives it the right to sell images that users upload. That’s right. Pinterest doesn’t reserve the right to just share images uploaded but it actually has the right to sell them as well.

The implication for you is the potential to infringe copyright by pinning or repinning other people’s content even if you acknowledge the source. Definitely something to consider.

Still keen to get pinning?

It is always great to learn from others who have gone before you. Top resources I’ve come across to date are:

Do you use Pinterest? How does it add value to your business?

Please leave your Pinterest link and thoughts in the comments.

4 Responses to Pinterest Capturing Your Attention?

  1. Hi Caylie,

    Awesome, awesome information here!

    As you know, I just opened my account with Pinterest and am still learning the ropes – your post shows exactly why we do need to look at Pinterest more.

    Looking at the time spent on Pinterest – that’s a lot of time to engage with each other, right?!

    • Hi Christine,
      Thanks for reading and your comment!
      We will be exploring Pinterest together. If you have any specific questions definitely talk to Kelly (@tribe2point0) and join #pinchat. She has been wonderfully generous in discussing Pinterest with me.
      You make a great point in terms of time to engage – I think Pinterest could be very addictive. We’ve got to be really careful how much time we spend on there. If it is a hobby then we can spend as much as we like but if it is to add value to a business we’ve got to consider the return on time invested i.e. is it bringing in new leads, is it building the strength and connections between your existing community?
      Cheers, Caylie

  2. Telling a story is important. The fact that Pinterest is allowing businesses to do this in a new way that actually attracts others is the reason I will continue to use Pinterest despite my early reservations.

    • Hi Nicole,
      Thanks for reading and your comment!
      I must admit I still weighing up how much time to invest in Pinterest. I’ve made a miniscule start to some boards but I need to develop a strategy before going any further.
      What is your link on Pinterest?
      Cheers, Caylie

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