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Rockin’ Mailing Lists

How To Run A Rockin' Mailing List by Jess Van Den

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If you are in business you MUST have a mailing list!!

Your mailing list is something YOU can control. Not Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page or Jack Dorsey. You own your MAILING LIST unlike your Facebook page, Google ranking or Twitter following.

What’s the other critical benefit of a mailing list?

The content you share is delivered directly to your subscriber’s inbox. Just think about how often you check your email. Twice, three times a day? When you first wake up?

It will stay there waiting to be read. Not bumped off the screen moments after being published (yes, that’s you Facebook).

Are you convinced yet?

Ok, so you’re probably thinking…

That sounds great but how on earth do you create a mailing list? And what do I put in my emails?

Well, I have the perfect solution for you! It’s called…

How To Run A Rockin’ Mailing List

… and hot damn it makes running a mailing list EASIER and FASTER!

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Have a look at what Jess Van Den, the author, covers:

How To Run A Rockin' Mailing List by Jess Van Den Contents Page

Why Do I How To Run A Rockin’ Mailing List?

  • It’s super easy to read and understand.
  • It’s will save you time and money by setting you on the right track from the start (I wish I’d had this awesome resource when I started BBBL).
  • It faces the often taboo subject of monetisation head on.
  • Jess has been running her business full time since 2010 meaning you can trust she’s been there done that and knows what you’re facing.


How Could How To Run A Rockin’ Mailing List Be Even Better? (*Is this possible?*)

  • Greater variety of case studies – both are crafty businesses. Don’t let it put you off though – think how you can translate the examples and really stand out in your niche.


What’s the verdict?

At only $20 get a copy now! Whether you give an arm or a leg it will be worth it. I began implementing lessons from How To Run A Rockin’ Mailing List and the benefits were immediate. Now you should too!

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