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Sales Leads Lost That Small Tweaks Could Keep

Website Confusion580Ever get that feeling when you’ve been looking at something for so long your brain is starting to play tricks on you?

That you’re seeing something that isn’t so, or worse, you aren’t seeing something that should be fixed.

How about your website? Does it generate leads for your business?

Does your blog have a clear focus? Do readers sign up to your email list?

You’ve looked at it daily for months or years.

Could you honestly have a fresh look at it?

Let me give you an example.

Lost Opportunities

Yesterday I was having a chat with a lovely lady about her business and website. The website had a bar across the top inviting visitors to click and find out more about a business opportunity. If you weren’t interested you could click the ‘X’ symbol to hide it.

The website owner had understandably hidden the bar as she had no need to view it. Problem was the link in the bar no longer worked. So any new visitors who were interested in finding out more couldn’t click through and the owner of the website would never know without someone new to the site letting her know.

How many website visitors would you expect to let you know there’s a problem versus them simply clicking away?

How many potential clients have been lost over time?

What about another example…

Newly Discovered Opportunities

You might not realise but I regularly teach an online marketing course I wrote to groups locally. Teaching is such a rewarding experience and I absolutely adore seeing participants when ideas fall into place for them.

Anyway a lady came to class feeling not at all comfortable with or particularly open to the benefits of selling online, social media and email marketing. I know she reads my posts and I think she’d say this was fair assessment.

The second week the class learned about using Facebook to promote their business and how to use status updates to drive traffic back to their websites. Once again the lady felt ‘it was too hard.’

By this stage I was worried I’d lost her.

Just how wrong could I be!

She was absolutely brimming with excited when she arrived for the third class. She had made her first sale via her website using one of the tips I’d shared the week before.

This was a woman who’d had a website for years and never made a sale.

Since then she’s made many sales via her website including one customer who ended up purchasing triple her original order.

All because of one little change which might’ve seemed super simple to some people, but you don’t know what you don’t know.  Needless to say I’m thrilled for her.

So why am I sharing these example…

Sometimes you need outside help.

Sometimes despite best intentions you’ve just been looking at something too long.

Obvious changes that could make a world of difference aren’t visible to you.

Ask a business peer to look at your website and blog from their computer or device.

What do they notice as they explore?

What works? What doesn’t work?

Would they opt in for your freebie?

Take Action

Ok, there’s no point reading this if you aren’t prepared to take action so in the comments tell me who you are going to ask to review your site and when by.

If you need help attracting red hot leads for your business contact me here or email caylie (AT)

6 Responses to Sales Leads Lost That Small Tweaks Could Keep

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Caylie.

    Even as a Web Designer I get my accountability buddies eyes on my site when there’s anything new.

    Another good technique is to step into the mind of your ideal client + navigate your website the way you think “they” would.

    You’ll be surprised what comes up.

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