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Savvy Mother And Businesswoman – Rachael Bermingham

Today is Mother’s Day in Australia. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women!

To celebrate I thought I’d review a book called Savvy.

Savvy recounts businesswoman and mother Rachael Bermingham’s entrepreneurial successes and failures to date with a serve of work-life balance advice and book writing guidance woven in.

Bermingham has previously published seven books including the 4 Ingredients series with Kim McKosker.

The title ‘Savvy’ suggests street-smarts and high aptitude.

Bermingham has certainly developed savvy over the years and reached lofty heights with her business however that has not always been the case.

Readers concerned they aren’t sufficiently savvy to reach Bermingham’s results shouldn’t be alarmed.

The key to her success has actually been persistence. Persistence through challenges, persistence in developing new skills.

This quality carried her through tough times such as the extreme financial challenge of owning a travel agency following September 11 and the SARS virus; through to running a successful business while a single parent to three young children.

Savvy contains valuable information for mumpreneurs, unpublished authors and small business owners alike.

It is broken into easy to read chapters that include how-to guidance, anecdotes and homework.

The only suggested improvement would be the inclusion of and/or links to checklists and templates.

Verdict: A recommended read.

Have you got a business owner’s biography you would recommend?


Pic Source: 1. The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation 2. Bermingham Books

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