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Seductive Guest Blogging Affiliates

Thanks for your interest in being an affiliate for the Seductive Guest Blogging eCourse!

This program is free to join and you’ll get a 50% commission for each sale – plus you’ll be providing a stress free solution to grow subscribers and income for fellow business owners. Lots of good karma!

Here’s how to become an affiliate:

1. Sign up to e-junkie as an affiliate

2. Sign up to the Better Business Better Life affiliate program here

3. Click on the Get Affiliate Code linkthen choose Seductive Guest Blogging…Lure Them Back For More from the drop down box and click Get Affiliate Code again. Halfway down the page, look for the heading Get Product Specific Affiliate Links and select Seductive Guest Blogging…Lure Them Back For More from the drop down box. Then click the Get Affiliate Code button.

4. Once you have your affiliate code you can use it whenever you talk about the course:

  • Mention it on Facebook or Twitter
  • Write a review about it on your blog
  • Interview Caylie! Email me any questions for the interview – I’ll answer them and send you a pic to put on your website
  • Pop a pic of the ecourse on your website sidebar (images below)
  • Take a happy snap of you using it and share it on social media. People love seeing a glimpse into your daily life!
  • Buy a copy or two to giveaway on your blog, adding your affiliate link to the blog post so people can purchase it as well
  • Pin it to your Pinterest boards
  • Create a combined promo – if you already sell your own ebook or planner on your blog, offer it as a bonus when they purchase Seductive Guest Blogging – great way to promote your own stuff at the same time!
  • Fill in spare sidebar advertising spots on your blog with the Seductive Guest Blogging image and add your affiliate link to it

Anyone who buys using your link will send a 50% commission your way!

A special tip for more sales: The most powerful message you can give your community is your absolute honest opinion on what Seductive Guest Blogging is really like – and the results you’ve experienced working with it yourself, so I highly recommend purchasing & using your own ecourse if you’re going to be promoting it.

As a thank you for helping spread the word to other would-be guest bloggers, you are absolutely welcome to purchase your copy using your own affiliate link so that you take advantage of your 50% commission.  

Feel free to use these images with your promotions:

 Seductive Guest Blogging 150

150 x 150

Seductive Guest Blogging 200

200 x 200

 Seductive Guest Blogging 250

250 x 250

Seductive Guest Blogging 300

300 x 300

And copy & paste (or alter to suit) these Tweets and Facebook updates:

Ready to seriously grow your mailing list FOR FREE? (add your link)

Everything you need to know about guest blogging and list building (add your link)

Successful guest blogging has NEVER been this EASY (add your link)

REVEALED – The EASIEST way to GROW your TRIBE (add your link)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the ecourse sell for? The ecourse retails for $AUD197.

How will we know when it’s going on special? I will email all registered affiliates 24 hours before any discount period.

Can I provide my own discount instead or as well as your ones? No separate discounts or cash backs can be offered as it complicates commissions & refunds. I’m all about making life easy & this applies to the affiliate programs as well.

How can I get my hands on a free copy to give away or one of my own to review? All free copies have already been assigned for this year, but you are welcome to use your own affiliate link to purchase your personal copy and as many giveaway copies as you like – this means you’ll get them for half price.

How do I get paid? All payments will be made to your PayPal email, so you must have PayPal to take part in the affiliate program.

When do I get paid? Payments will be processed on a monthly basis. I’ll be offering a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the ebook, so after 30 days has passed from point of sale, the commission is allocated to you, and your payment will be processed the following Monday (Sydney, Australia timezone).

Do I have to become an affiliate before a specific date to take part? Nope! You can become an affiliate at any date.

What if my customer asks for a refund? If your customer asks you for a refund and it’s within 30 days of their purchase, feel free to pass them my email address – it’s – I’ll take care of everything for you. Please don’t refund out of your own pocket as I’ll need to confirm if the refund is for the full price or discount price and I won’t be able to reimburse you for any refunds you provide yourself.

I have some feedback on the ecourse – do you want to know about it? Of course! Absolutely. Positive or constructive, I want to hear any & all feedback. If it’s positive feedback, I’ll put it up on the website as a testimonial with the first name (and website link if applicable) of the person giving the feedback. If it’s constructive, I’ll absolutely take it on board. So yes – email any feedback to me at

Any questions? Send them through to and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

*Note: Please adhere to your country’s guidelines when it comes to disclosing your affiliation – you’ll get nothing but positives from it