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Success Is Personal. Business Is Personal.

Definition Of Success - How Do You Define It?Know when you read a beautiful blog post and just think wow?

It happened to me last week.

The lovely Jess Van Den from Create & Thrive inspired this post with her post “The Success List: Success Looks a Lot Different to You Than it Does to Me, Right?”

Is it weird to be sharing this on a business focused blog? Especially given success is such a personal thing. I think it’s not only ok but actually important occasionally.

Business is personal. It’s all about relationships. Getting to know each other better allows for friendship and a smooth working relationship.

It’s amazing how our idea of success can change over time and then come almost full circle. While reflecting on what success meant to me it seemed to divide nicely into three stages so I thought I would share them with you.

Success As A Kid & Teenager Was…

*Getting to stay up until 9.30pm on a school night even if it meant I had to study (or at least look like it).

*Beating the boys at basketball. It didn’t happen often. I even fell and broke a tooth one day as I stole the ball. Yes, when it came to beating the boys I was nothing if not determined.

*Raising bucket fed calves for pocket money and attending the local cattle market in school holidays.

*Making quilts from age 10 to approximately 15.

*Climbing up the ‘rocketship’ at primary school with a broken collarbone. Not so successful was getting down – one teacher tried to reach me then had to get someone taller.

*Playing make believe ‘school’ with my three younger sisters. I was always the teacher.

Success Now Is…

*Speaking about branding at the Meat Elite National Conference earlier this year.

*Working hard and seeing the resulting growth of Better Business Better Life while still working full time.

*Being able to run a business, work full time and still manage to have a social life such as catching up with friends, playing squash and taking a few hours break each day of the weekend.

*Helping my clients and seeing them light up when they’ve got the results sought or something has ‘clicked’ for them.

*Going to Europe for six weeks. What an amazing trip it was.

*Sitting on my favourite couch with a book.

*Not burning my housemates’ dinner (again).

*Co-writing an ebook and being able to give away a chapter for free.

Success In The Future Will Be…

*Completing my Blogging For Growth blog tour as a strategy for promoting How To Host A Successful Blog Challenge.

*Buying an investment property.

*Owning a home on the coast.

*Launching my membership website and second ebook.

*Better Business Better Life earning six figures or above annually with the option to choose when I want to work.

*Travelling America meeting my online friends and attending the World Domination Summit, New Media Expo and Alt Design Summit.

*Visiting Europe again.

*An annual ‘chillout’ out holiday in Asia.

*Good health and being able to care for family and friends if needed.

*Regularly teaching workshops and seminars to help more business owners achieve their goals.

I’d Love To Get To Know You Better!

I’ve shared what success means to me. I’d be honoured to have the opportunity to learn what it means for you. Tell me in the comments:

1. What has been your biggest success to date?

2. What does success currently mean for you?

3. What will success look like for you in the future?

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