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How To List Build Your Way To Total Independence

Can you make money with a small subscriber list?What does the celebrating of Independence Day have to do with list building?

The United States national holiday celebrates the declaration of independence from the United Kingdom.

The Philippines also celebrates on fourth of July with Republic Day, the day it was recognised as an independent nation.

Well, here’s a big statement.

Create a successful list building strategy that converts people to subscribers then buyers and you’ll have your independence! – Click to tweet

It’s that simple. Really.

You might be thinking…

Why is it that when I do everything the marketing experts say my list still isn’t growing as I’d like?

Why aren’t I making sales from my list?

Can you really generate serious income from a small list?

In the spirit of you creating independence let’s address those questions. Continue Reading

Kick Poor Conversion Rates To The Curb

No leads = no business. Therefore converting website visitors to subscribers is SUPER CRITICAL. So you’ve got people visiting your website? Or maybe you don’t? Either way not many are hanging around and they certainly aren’t signing up for your opt in incentive. Boy, have you got a problem! Let’s start at the beginning though… Continue Reading