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Ten Guilty Pleasures


How do you unwind?

Being a business owner, especially during the start up phase, can feel like MORE than a full time job. It is incredibly important to take care of ourselves however we often don’t allow ourselves the break.

So in order to inspire you to take some ‘ME’ time here is a list of my guilty pleasures:

1. Reading – whatever, whenever…it doesn’t matter as long as it’s reading.

2. Watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory or The IT Crowd. Need I say more…

3. A long bath (probably reading once again)

4. Coffee and cake with a girlfriend

5. A massage…so good after hunching over the laptop for hours

6. Going to the beach for a swim

7. A hit of tennis or squash

8. A weekend away with my better half

9. Sleeping in (perhaps a little too much)

10. Going out for tea

Just remember your rest and relaxation doesn’t have to be expensive. Come up with some creative ideas for the number one person in your life, YOU.

Be sure to share your favourite things to do, watch or listen to in the comments below.

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